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Ifeoma Ajunwa

Assistant Professor
Organizational Behavior


Professor Ajunwa is an Assistant Professor in the Organizational Behavior Department of Cornell’s Industrial and Labor Relations School. She earned her PhD in Sociology from Columbia University. Her doctoral work received support from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and honorable mention by the Ford Foundation. Immediately prior to her positon at Cornell ILR School, she was a Fellow at the Berkman Klein Center at Harvard University (where she remains a Faculty Associate) and she served as a Teaching Fellow at Harvard Law School. Professor Ajunwa researches the organizational behavior of organizations, particularly in relation to stigma/social evaluation, diversity, and the adoption of new work technologies. Other related research interests include labor and employment law, as well as, business and society concerns. Professor Ajunwa’s research has been published or is under review in both law review and peer reviewed journals, including the California Law Review, the Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review, the Northwestern Law Review, Organization Science, the Journal of Law, Medicine, and Ethics, Research in the Sociology of Work, etc. Her research has been mentioned in major media outlets such as, the New York Times, the Harvard Business Review, the Atlantic, the Guardian, Nature Biotechnology, etc. Professor Ajunwa has served as a keynote speaker or panelist at international conferences such as SXSW and has presented her work before governmental agencies such as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (the CFPB) and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (the EEOC). Please visit her personal website for an updated list of published research articles and op-eds, as well as, media mentions.

Her forthcoming book, “The Quantified Worker” will be published by Cambridge University Press.

Teaching Statement

Professor Ajunwa teaches Technology, Management, and the Law, Technology in the Modern Workplace, & Ethics and Technology.

Research Statement

As a legal scholar, I am interested in how the law might be employed or improved to address new social developments, particularly those arising from technological advancements. Thus, my law scholarship is at the intersection of Law and Technology, Health Law, Privacy Law, Business Law, Anti-discrimination law and ethics.

As a sociologist, I am interested in how organizations/institutions cope with new social phenomena. Thus, my work is at the intersection of Organizational Theory, Critical Legal Theory, Critical Management Theory, Sociology of Work/Organizations, and Science and Technology Studies. In the context of the workplace, I am interested in how the law deals with the social phenomenon of emerging technologies.

Service Statement

Professor Ajunwa serves on the editorial board of Research in the Sociology of Work and is a regular reviewer for the Academy of Management Conference. Professor Ajunwa also serves on the advisory board of the Cornell Prison Education Program (CPEP).


Journal Articles

  • Ifeoma Ajunwa. . Algorithms at Work: Productivity Monitoring Platforms and Wearable Technology as the New Data-Centric Research Agenda for Employment and Labor Law, St. Louis Law Journal .
  • Ifeoma Ajunwa, Angela Onwuachi-Willig. . Combating Discrimination Against the Formerly Incarcerated in the Labor Market, Northwestern Law Review .
  • Ifeoma Ajunwa. . Age Discrimination by Platforms, Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law .
  • Ifeoma Ajunwa, Dan Greene. . Platforms at Work: Data Intermediaries in the Organization of the Workplace, Research in the Sociology of Work .
  • Ifeoma Ajunwa, Kate Crawford, Jason Schultz. 2017. Limitless Worker Surveillance, California Law Review .
  • Ifeoma Ajunwa. . Genetic Data and Civil Rights, Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review . 51
  • Ifeoma Ajunwa. 2016. Health and Big Data: An Ethical Framework for Health Information Collection by Corporate Wellness Programs, Journal of Law, Medicine, and Ethics .
  • Ifeoma Ajunwa. 2015. The Modern Day Scarlet Letter, Fordham Law Review . 83
  • Ifeoma Ajunwa. 2014. Bad Barrels: An Organizational-Based Analysis of Human Rights Abuses Within the American Carceral System, University of Pennsylvannia Journal of Law and Social Change .
  • Ifeoma Ajunwa. 2014. Genetic Testing Meets Big Data: Torts and Contract Law Issues, .

Professional Activities

  • The Quantified Worker. Ithaca. 2018.
  • Presented to AOM. Surrey, England. 2018.


Ives Hall Faculty Wing, Room 396