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Our MS/PhD program is a full-time program based on our Ithaca campus. We've designed it to train future professors who will do academic research and teach at research universities.

There is not an online or part-time option and the program typically takes 4-5 years to complete. The first two years are devoted to graduate-level coursework on campus and completion of a research-based master's thesis. The remaining time is typically devoted to dissertation research, but students can also take courses throughout their program.

They also minor in any of the above areas, as well as in:

Rebecca Paluch

“The ILR PhD program is a place where you can choose your own intellectual path. The opportunity to develop as an independent scholar is a valuable feature of the ILR MS/PhD program. Because I was never boxed into any particular program of study, I was able to explore various topics through my classes and now feel excited and passionate about my research interests."

Becky Paluch ILR PhD ’19

Assistant Professor University of British Columbia, Saunder School of Business

Program and Application Information

Application and supplemental material deadline is December 15.

Recent ILR MS/PhD graduates have obtained tenure-track faculty positions at top-tier schools of business and labor relations, including: Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, Pennsylvania State University, The Ohio State University, University of Illinois, McGill University and University College London, among others.

General Application Requirements

Academic Statement of Purpose
Personal Statement
Two Letters of Recommendation

Resume or CV
Writing Sample
TOEFL/IELTS Scores, if applicable







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What You Should Know Before You Apply

The MS/PhD program is designed to create close collaborations among students and faculty. The size of the program (25 students) fosters joint research projects and publications. Students are encouraged to develop a curriculum that suits their interests. They're also encouraged to take classes and work with faculty in other fields at Cornell, including psychology, sociology, economics, political science, communications and management.

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ILR has more full-time faculty involved in teaching and research spanning the disciplines of work and employment than any other educational institution of its kind. Research is a core component of ILR’s mission, and our faculty are social scientists whose research covers a broad range of employment and workplace topics. Faculty members are drawn from a variety of social science disciplines, including labor relations, psychology, economics, sociology, history, law and human resource management. They are organized into three departments:

  • Human Resource Studies
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Global Labor and Work

ILR’s faculty also includes labor economists and statisticians—who are members of the Department of Economics and the Department of Statistics and Data Science—offering a rich intellectual environment for the study of workplace issues.

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