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Our Research

Broad, multidisciplinary methods

Our researchers span multiple disciplines, bringing a range of psychological and sociological perspectives to the study of the workplace. Our research is regularly published in leading journals that represent our diverse set of disciplines, topics, and methodologies.

The breadth of our interests lets us study the dynamics between people and work at multiple levels from the individual to the organization to broader social processes. At one end of the spectrum, we study psychological processes relevant to individuals’ attitudes, cognitions, and behavior in organizations. At the other end, we work to understand how organizational culture, organizational practices, and broader regulatory and social processes affect workers, careers, organizational performance, and social inequality. Our faculty come from the following disciplines:

  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Management

Courses with your career and future in mind.

Ph.D. Program

ILR offers a Doctor of Philosophy in ILR (PhD) with a major in Organizational Behavior - an academic degree for advanced students planning to work in research and educational fields involving organizational studies.

Master's Degree

ILR offers studies at the Masters (MILR) level with a concentration in Human Resource & Organizations. See the MILR degree requirements. See course schedules and requirements for graduate students.


ILR courses focus on state-of-the-art OB principles and practices. The courses also are designed to provide broader business knowledge and promote the development of professional skills critical to success across a wide range of careers.



  • Department Chair and Professor

  • Joseph R. Rich ’80 Professor, Human Resource Studies
  • Academic Director, Institute for Compensation Studies

  • Professor of Organizational Behavior

Emeritus Faculty

Samuel Bacharach

  • McKelvey-Grant Professor of Organizational Behavior, ILR School
  • Director, Smithers Institute

Graduate Students


Cornell Campus
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The ExPO Lab

Experimental Psychology and Organizations (ExPO) Lab

Faculty and students researching topics related to people in organizations. 

Assistant Director
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Ithaca, NY 14853-3901
Ph: (607) 255-9804

Ellen Fitchette
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