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2023 High Road Fellowships

Apply by February 10

Engaged learning and applied research fellowships for Cornell students in Buffalo, NY.

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What Makes an Ideal High Road Candidate?

The High Road Fellowship is one of the most successful, competitive and longest-running engaged-learning programs at Cornell University. So, what makes someone an ideal candidate for the High Road Fellowship?
Students Listen to Community Member on Healthy Food
What Makes an Ideal High Road Candidate?

Fewer Than 40% of New Yorkers Earn a Living Wage

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The Cornell ILR Wage Atlas, a new tool out of the Buffalo Co-Lab, shows who in New York state earns living wages and where, helping policymakers and other stakeholders to understand patterns of inequality.
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Fewer Than 40% of New Yorkers Earn a Living Wage

WNYCOSH, COEM, and CORNELL ILR Host Forum on Opioids and Work

Opioids have been in the headlines for decades regarding the devastation they’ve caused to individual lives, families and communities. Whether through workplace exposures or injuries, work has been a significant contributor to the waves of the opioid epidemic.
Opioid Bottle and Doctor Prescribing
WNYCOSH, COEM, and CORNELL ILR Host Forum on Opioids and Work

Research and Policy

High Road Policy

An ILR Buffalo Co-Lab Initiative

High Road Policy contributes actionable insights to contemporary policy and political discourses in and beyond the regions and communities of Upstate New York.

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Buffalo Commons

The Partnership for the Public Good and Cornell University have created a public commons for collective knowledge sharing, impactful applied research, and public policy development. Buffalo Commons is both an in-person platform, fostering these relationships and an online tool, sharing the knowledge of the local area via reports, policy briefs, fact sheets, radio shows, and artistic expressions. Collaborative and democratic in design and purpose, Buffalo Commons hosts a diverse network of faculty, students, practitioners, and community partners.

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Good DEEDs

Data for Equitable Economic Development and Sustainability, or Good DEEDS, is an initiative of the Cornell University School of Industrial Labor Relations (ILR) Buffalo Co-Lab. When fully operational, Good DEEDS will function as a public data repository coupled with High Road Policy, a quarterly issue memorandum and continuous blog.

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NYS Impact 2022

Buffalo Co-Lab NYS Impact

We are pleased announce several reports that draws upon our ILR expertise, research-based data and policy analysis on a broad range of issues affecting NYS workers, unions, communities and employers.  These reports intend to serve as an informative, accessible and relevant resource for New York's policy makers and others.  We hope that you find them useful and look forward to engaging with you to advance the important work that you do related to work, employment and labor.

COVID-19 Response

Buffalo Commons virtual convening support, upcoming virtual workshops, blog posts, and opportunities to submit research requests and to help us document stories of community groups taking the lead in a time of crisis.

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2019 High Roaders at Northland Workforce Training Center

Student Opportunities

We offer two paid fellowship programs in Buffalo as well as courses on our Ithaca Campus.

  • High Road Fellowships
  • Democracy Summer Fellowships
  • On-Campus courses

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Education and Training

We offer programs designed to train union leaders and those aspiring to lead in organized labor relations.

We also offer specialized training in Health and Safety for inspection and risk assessment, as well as information for practitioners to create safe work places.

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Programs for Unions and Labor Professionals

These courses and certificates are designed to train union leaders and those aspiring to lead in organized labor relations.

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Workplace Health and Safety

Scientific and Technical Expertise Applied to the Work Environment

Workplace Health and Safety
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