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As ILR, we exist to improve the world of work, labor and employment by applying our research. We create community partnerships and training to improve workers' lives across the world – starting at home through New York State's land-grant mission.

Work and Coronavirus

We've created a resource to help make sense of how the pandemic is changing the workplace. We will continue to share data, analysis, research and insight from our faculty and experts.

Visit the Work and Coronavirus hub
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Visit the Work and Coronavirus hub

Justice at Work: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

See more justice at work: diversity, equity and inclusion stories
WORK! ILR's podcast with Tony Byers

In our latest episode of “WORK! Exploring the Future of Work, Labor and Employment,” our dean, Alex Colvin, speaks with Tony Byers, director of diversity and inclusion programs at the ILR Center for Advanced HR Studies. They talked about what companies and employees can do to make workplaces more diverse, equitable and inclusive for people of color. 

Listen to the podcast
Portrait of Tony Byers
Listen to the podcast
Training and Education
We help people make their workplaces more inclusive

We offer training at all career stages to help build a more inclusive work culture.


Find out more about diversity and inclusion courses you can take now.

Find out about our Chief Diversity Officer program.

New York State: Economy, Policy, and Practice

See more stories about our work in New York State

As a New York land-grant college, we have a state mandate to apply our work in service to our local communities, state and regional economies, and partners in governance. We create and share knowledge, build relationships, and inform strategies aimed at improving economic well-being for all New Yorkers.

Coupling our strong physical foundations in Buffalo, Ithaca, and New York City with our rapidly expanding virtual presence in the COVID-19 era, our resources and infrastructure allow us to pursue local innovations that have global implications.

The U.S. Can Build the Largest Offshore Wind Industry in the World

The U.S. Can Build the Largest Offshore Wind Industry in the World with a Commitment to Ambitious Climate Action, Racial Justice, and Good Jobs
Image of Wind Power

COVID-19 Tracking Tool Offered to Public

Demographics, poverty rates and other variables within the boundaries of each NYS school district are offered alongside COVID-19 data.
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Erasing Red Lines: Part 1 - Geographies of Discrimination

This report is Part 1 of a threepart series that examines the roots and spatial patterns of economic distress in the City of Buffalo, NY, and engages with strategies for reinvestment in the City’s chronically distressed neighborhoods.
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A driving principle behind our research, teaching, training, and practice is that everyone deserves fair and equal access to jobs, housing, healthcare, and other means for achieving economic security. Our work seeks solutions that remove inequitable barriers to economic opportunities, whether those barriers occur within an individual workplace or at the structural levels of our political and economic systems.

You can see a handful of our recent work below.

Survey shows inequalities during pandemic

Results of survey speak to health care, voting and work challenges.
Health care worker

Webinar - COVID-19: Permanent Impact on Public Sector Workforce

Join us for a discussion about how some public sector organizations have made changes, which changes have worked and which have not, and what the workplace might look like when we go back to “normal.”
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ILR Initiative Bridging Gap Between Legal System, Employment

ILR’s Criminal Justice and Employment Initiative will help the Port Authority hire job candidates with criminal records.
Port Authority Training

Collective Representation and Worker Voice

See more stories about collective representation workers' voices

We were founded to study and improve the world of work. We have strong research roots in labor relations and negotiations, and our work with varying communities comes from our commitment to understanding collective representation, the perspectives of workers, and improving workers' lives.

Teaching Essential Negotiation Skills

The Scheinman Institute's work with the American Federation of Teachers has helped the AFT develop confident and effective leadership who have a comprehensive understanding of collective bargaining as a tool for positive change.
Randi Weingarten

Beyond Resilience… How Collective Bargaining Creates Conditions For A Sustainable Positive Work Environment

Director of Healthcare and Partner Programs John August explores strategies that organizations can use to foster a positive work environment post pandemic.
Healthcare Worker

Labor and Employment Law Program Hosts New NLRB Chairman, Lauren McFerran

The Labor and Employment Law Program recently held a webinar, “A Conversation with NLRB Chairman Lauren McFerran.” Respondents were former NLRB Chairman Philip A. Miscimarra, Partner at Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP, who represents management, and Alyson Belovin, Partner at Levy Ratner PC, who represents unions.
National Labor Relations Board

Leadership Development

We work with communities, organizations, departments and companies – all to help develop leaders who will make workplaces and employment itself better. Foundations in management and collective bargaining, and our 75 years in industry put us in a unique position to help develop leaders in business, labor and policy.

Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies

CAHRS is the world's leading partnership between industry and academia, devoted to global human resource management. The CAHRS partnership connects leading companies to Cornell University, the ILR School, and leading faculty, students and intellectual leaders throughout the world.

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Labor Leadership Training

We work with union leaders at national and state levels to develop training programs for aspiring and established leaders within the labor field.

Explore labor leadership programs
Explore labor leadership programs
Senior Leader Programs

We bring together world-class faculty with business and industry leaders to design and deliver training systems that develop HR, business and management leaders. Learn from world-class faculty dedicated to HR research and driving organizational performance.

Find out more about our senior leadership training
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Find out more about our senior leadership training

COVID-19 is Transforming Workplace Culture

Redesigned spaces and strategies will greet many when pandemic restrictions lift.
A young man and young woman working together at a whiteboard.

Interview with Tracey Corder from the Action Center on Race and the Economy

On June 2nd, 2020, Kathleen Mulligan-Hansel, Co-Director of NLLI, interviewed Tracey Corder from the Action Center on Race and the Economy and graduate of NLLI Year 5 for a powerful conversation on the COVID-19 crisis and the Black Lives Matter movement.
Kathleen Mulligan interviews Tracey Corder

HR Boot Camp Readies NYU Langone Health Into Nimble Force

Sanchez teamed up with Cornell ILR Professional Education to launch an HR boot camp that cross-trained her entire team across all disciplinary areas.
Nancy Sanchez

ILR in the News

Our work from the media

See more ILR news coverage

Courtney McCluney on the cost of code-switching

Hello Monday podcast logo
Assistant Professor Courtney McCluney joined Hello Monday contributor Michaela Greer for an in-depth look at code-switching, and to share strategies for enabling everyone to bring their full selves to work.

Help wanted: Here, there, everywhere

The Courier news logo
While some employers blame unemployment benefits for the for dearth of people willing to work, senior economics advisor Erica Groshen states that the shortage isn’t linked to benefits but to numerous other factors, including underlying health conditions and lack of child care.

Many employers not responding to burnout concerns

HR Reporter News logo
Employee burnout has emerged as a major issue for many workers during the pandemic, but according to associate professor Vanessa Bohns it isn’t just COVID-19 that’s putting stress on its workers.