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For more than 70 years, the ILR Review has been at the forefront of publishing peer-reviewed research on work and employment relations. The Review, published by SAGE Publications, is part of the Cornell University ILR School, which is regarded as the leading academic institution focused on the world of work.

We are dedicated to international and interdisciplinary research that advances new theory, presents novel empirical work, and informs organizational and public policy.

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Current Issue – Volume 74, Number 1, January 2021

Monopsony in Labor Markets: A Review
Alan Manning
Monopsony in Labor Markets: A Meta-Analysis
Anna Sokolova and Todd Sorensen
Underemployment in the United States and Europe
David N. F. Bell and David G. Blanchflower
Coworkers, Networks, and Job-Search Outcomes among Displaced Workers
Perihan Ozge Saygin, Andrea Weber, and Michèle A. Weynandt
Cross-Border Merger and Acquisition Activity and Wage Dynamics
Gianluca Orefice, Nicholas Sly, and Farid Toubal
Industrial Policy in China: Some Intended or Unintended Consequences?
Jing Cai and Ann Harrison
Occupational Licensing of Social Services and Nursing Home Quality: A Regression Discontinuity Approach
John R. Bowblis and Austin C. Smith
Investigating the Dimensionality and Stability of Union Commitment Profiles over a 10-Year Period: A Latent Transition Analysis
Alexandre J. S. Morin, Daniel G. Gallagher, John P. Meyer, David Litalien, and Paul F. Clark

Book Reviews
Creating Good Jobs: An Industry-Based Strategy.
By Paul Osterman. Reviewed by Gerhard Bosch.
The Sweatshop Regime: Labouring Bodies, Exploitation, and Garments Made in India.
By Alessandra Mezzadri. Reviewed by Nikolaus Hammer.
Globalization, Labour Market Institutions, Processes and Policies in India: Essays in Honour of Lalit K. Deshpande.
By K. R. Shyam Sundar. Reviewed by Anil Verma.
Disrupting Deportability: Transnational Workers Organize.
By Leah F. Vosko. Reviewed by Ken Estey.
Overload: How Good Jobs Went Bad and What We Can Do about It.
By Erin L. Kelly and Phyllis Moen. Reviewed by Anisia Bucur.
Contemporary Issues in Work and Organisations: Actors and Institutions.
By Russell D. Lansbury, Anya Johnson, and Diane van den Broek. Reviewed by Joshua Healy.