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For more than 70 years, the ILR Review has been at the forefront of publishing peer-reviewed research on work and employment relations. The Review, published by SAGE Publications, is part of the Cornell University ILR School, which is regarded as the leading academic institution focused on the world of work.

We are dedicated to international and interdisciplinary research that advances new theory, presents novel empirical work, and informs organizational and public policy.

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Current Issue – Volume 72, Number 2, March 2019

A Special Issue in Honor of Henry Farber


  • Editorial Essay: Introduction to a Special Issue in Honor of Henry Farber
    Orley Ashenfelter and Alexandre Mas
  • The Consequences of Long-Term Unemployment: Evidence from Linked Survey and Administrative Data
    Katharine G. Abraham, John Haltiwanger, Kristin Sandusky, and James R. Spletzer
  • To the New World and Back Again: Return Migrants in the Age of Mass Migration
    Ran Abramitzky, Leah Boustan, and Katherine Eriksson
  • School District Reform in Newark: Within- and Between-School Changes in Achievement Growth
    Mark Chin, Thomas J. Kane, Whitney Kozakowski, Beth E. Schueler, and Douglas O. Staiger
  • Social Ties and the Job Search of Recent Immigrants
    Deepti Goel and Kevin Lang
  • The Rise and Nature of Alternative Work Arrangements in the United States, 1995–2015
    Lawrence F. Katz and Alan B. Krueger
  • Union Threat Effects and the Decline in Employer-Provided Health Insurance
    Craig A. Olson
  • The Returns to Elite Degrees: The Case of American Lawyers
    Paul Oyer and Scott Schaefer

Additional Article

  • State Collective Bargaining Laws and Public-Sector Pay
    Eric J. Brunner and Andrew Ju

Book Reviews

  • Rules without Rights: Land, Labor, and Private Authority in the Global Economy.
    By Tim Bartley. Reviewed by Mari Sako.
  • Reducing Inequalities in Europe: How Industrial Relations and Labour Policies Can Close the Gap.
    Edited by Daniel Vaughan-Whitehead. Reviewed by Thomas Prosser.
  • Workers without Borders: Posted Work and Precarity in the EU.
    By Ines Wagner. Reviewed by Markus Helfen.
  • Politics at Work: How Companies Turn Their Workers into Lobbyists.
    By Alexander Hertel-Fernandez. Reviewed by Jake Rosenfeld.
  • Working for Respect: Community and Conflict at Walmart.
    By Adam Reich and Peter Bearman. Reviewed by Maite Tapia.
  • Social Movements and Organized Labour: Passions and Interests.
    Edited by Jürgen R. Grote and Claudius Wagemann. Reviewed by Ian Thomas MacDonald.