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Current Issue – Volume 74, Number 2, March 2021

Editors’ Note: A Tribute to Daniel S. Hamermesh
Rosemary Batt and Lawrence M. Kahn
Racial/Ethnic Differences in Non-Work at Work
Daniel S. Hamermesh, Katie R. Genadek, and Michael C. Burda
Ethnic Stereotypes and Entry into Labor Market Programs
Mahmood Arai, Marie Gartell, Magnus Rödin, and Gülay Özcan
Do Foreigners Crowd Natives out of STEM Degrees and Occupations? Evidence from the US Immigration Act of 1990
Tyler Ransom and John V. Winters
Which Way to High Performance? Comparing Performance Effects of High-Performance Work System Components in Small- to Medium-Sized Establishments
Jeffrey B. Arthur, Andrew O. Herdman, and Jaewan Yang
Health Care Reform and Workers’ Compensation: Evidence from Massachusetts
Erin Todd Bronchetti and Melissa P. McInerney
The Impact of Income-Related Medicare Part B Premiums on Labor Supply
Padmaja Ayyagari and Frank A. Sloan
Variable Pay Systems and/or Collective Wage Bargaining? Complements or Substitutes?
Barbara Bechter, Nils Braakmann, and Bernd Brandl
Employment Adjustments of Regular and Non-Regular Workers to Exogenous Shocks: Evidence from Exchange-Rate Fluctuation
Izumi Yokoyama, Kazuhito Higa, and Daiji Kawaguchi
Multitasking Incentives and the Informative Value of Subjective Performance Evaluations
Shingo Takahashi, Hideo Owan, Tsuyoshi Tsuru, and Katsuhito Uehara

Book Reviews
After the Gig: How the Sharing Economy Got Hijacked and How to Win It Back.
By Juliet B. Schor. Reviewed by Alessio Bertolini.
Immigrant Labor and the New Precariat.
By Ruth Milkman. Reviewed by Kevin Lujan Lee.
Coerced: Work Under Threat of Punishment.
By Erin Hatton. Reviewed by Ian Hill.
Neoliberal Resilience: Lessons in Democracy and Development from Latin America and Eastern Europe.
By Aldo Madariaga. Reviewed by Leokadia Oręziak.
Dying for an iPhone: Apple, Foxconn, and the Lives of China’s Workers.
By Jenny Chan, Mark Seldon, and Pun Ngai. Reviewed by Fuk Ying Tse.