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Current Issue – Volume 75, Number 5, October 2022

Letter from the Editors
ILR Review at 75: Editorial Changes and the Launch of “Novel Technologies at Work”


Uncertain Time: Precarious Schedules and Job Turnover in the US Service Sector
Joshua Choper, Daniel Schneider, and Kristen Harknett
Persistent Unpredictability: Analyzing Experiences with the First Statewide Scheduling Legislation in Oregon
Larissa Petrucci, Lola Loustaunau, Ellen Scott, and Lina Stepick
Inside Jobs: Salary Setting for Immigrants Crossing Establishment, Organizational, and National Boundaries
Ben A. Rissing and Kwan Lee
Immigration Policy and the Rise of Self-Employment among Mexican Immigrants
Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes, Magnus Lofstrom, and Chunbei Wang
Public-Sector Unions as Equalizing Institutions: Race, Gender, and Earnings
Jasmine Kerrissey and Nathan Meyers
New Evidence on Teacher Pay
Krishna Regmi
The China Shock, Employment Protection, and European Jobs
Hedieh Aghelmaleki, Ronald Bachmann, and Joel Stiebale
The Effect of E-Verify Laws on Crime
Brandyn F. Churchill, Andrew Dickinson, Taylor Mackay, and Joseph J. Sabia
The Return to Hours Worked within and across Occupations: Implications for the Gender Wage Gap
Jeffrey T. Denning, Brian A. Jacob, Lars J. Lefgren, and Christian vom Lehn
A Forum on the Politics of Skills
Paul Osterman, Nichola Lowe, Bridget Anderson, Joe William Trotter Jr., Natasha Iskander, and Rina Agarwala

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