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Current Issue – Volume 73, Number 2, March 2020

A Special Issue on Conflict and Its Resolution in the Changing World of Work:
Honoring Professor David Lipsky


  • Editorial Essay: Introduction to a Special Issue on Conflict and Its Resolution: Honoring Professor David Lipsky
    Harry C. Katz, Guest Editor
  • Advancing Dispute Resolution by Understanding the Sources of Conflict: Toward an Integrated Framework
    John W. Budd, Alexander J. S. Colvin, and Dionne Pohler
  • Integrating Conflict: A Proposed Framework for the Interdisciplinary Study of Workplace Conflict and Its Management
    Ariel Avgar
  • Systems for Conflict Resolution in Comparative Perspective
    Martin Behrens, Alexander J. S. Colvin, Lisa Dorigatti, and Andreas H. Pekarek
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution in Ireland and the US Model
    Paul Teague, William Roche, Denise Currie, and Tom Gormley
  • Why Don’t They Complain? The Social Determinants of Chinese Migrant Workers’ Grievance Behaviors
    Duanyi Yang
  • Employee Voice, Intention to Quit, and Conflict Resolution: Evidence from Australia
    Bernadine Van Gramberg, Julian Teicher, Greg J. Bamber, and Brian Cooper
  • Strategic Conflict Management? A Study of Workplace Dispute Resolution in Wales
    David Nash and Deborah Hann
  • Organizational Conflict Resolution and Strategic Choice: Evidence from a Survey of Fortune 1000 Firms
    David B. Lipsky, Ariel C. Avgar, and J. Ryan Lamare
  • The Devil Is in the Details: Attorney Effects on Employment Arbitration Outcomes
    J. Ryan Lamare
  • Decision-Maker and Context Effects in Employment Arbitration
    Mark D. Gough and Alexander J. S. Colvin
  • Third-Party Intervention and the Preservation of Bargaining Relationships
    Bradley R. Weinberg
  • Integrated Conflict Management Systems Pay Off with Lower Levels of Formal Grievances and Lower Turnover Rates
    Benjamin B. Dunford, Kevin J. Mumford, R. Wayne Boss, Alan D. Boss, and David S. Boss
  • Disputant Experience and Preferences for Mediated or Adjudicated Processes in Administrative Agencies: The Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission Settlement Part Program
    Deanna Malatesta, Lisa Blomgren Amsler, and Susanna Foxworthy Scott