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For more than 70 years, the ILR Review has been at the forefront of publishing peer-reviewed research on work and employment relations. The Review, published by SAGE Publications, is part of the Cornell University ILR School, which is regarded as the leading academic institution focused on the world of work.

We are dedicated to international and interdisciplinary research that advances new theory, presents novel empirical work, and informs organizational and public policy.

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Current Issue – Volume 75, Number 3, May 2022

Emerging Technologies at Work: Policy Ideas to Address Negative Consequences for Work, Workers, and Society
Diane E. Bailey
Racial Differences in Time at Work Not Working
William A. Darity Jr., Darrick Hamilton, Samuel L. Myers Jr., Gregory N. Price, and Man Xu
Reply to “Racial Differences in Time at Work Not Working” by William A. Darity Jr. et al.
Daniel S. Hamermesh, Katie R. Genadek, and Michael C. Burda
How American Adults Obtain Work Skills: Results of a New National Survey
Paul Osterman
Who Has Trouble Hiring? Evidence from a National IT Survey
Andrew Weaver
Skills for the Future? A Life Cycle Perspective on Systems of Vocational Education and Training
Amanda Chuan and Christian Lyhne Ibsen
How Do I Compare? The Effect of Work-Unit Demographics on Reactions to Pay Inequality
J. Adam Cobb, JR Keller, and Samir Nurmohamed
The Effects of Professor Gender on the Postgraduation Outcomes of Female Students
Hani Mansour, Daniel I. Rees, Bryson M. Rintala, and Nathan N. Wozny
Do Employee Share Owners Face Too Much Financial Risk?
Douglas Kruse, Joseph Blasi, Dan Weltmann, Saehee Kang, Jung Ook Kim, and William Castellano

Winner of the Best Paper Competition
LERA/ILR Review Special Series in Employment Relations

Is It Merely a Labor Supply Shock? Impacts of Syrian Migrants on Local Economies in Turkey
Doruk Cengiz and Hasan Tekgüç

The Effect of the Affordable Care Act Dependent Coverage Mandate on Health Insurance and Labor Supply: Evidence from Alternative Research Designs
Daeho Kim

Book Reviews
Crunch Time: How Married Couples Confront Unemployment.
By Aliya Hamid Rao. Reviewed by Jaclyn S. Wong.
You’re Paid What You’re Worth: And Other Myths of the Modern Economy.
By Jake Rosenfeld. Reviewed by Patrick McGovern.
Re-Union: How Bold Labor Reforms Can Repair, Revitalize, and Reunite the United States.
By David Madland. Reviewed by Jeonghun Kim.
Work and Labour Relations in Global Platform Capitalism.
Edited by Julieta Haidar and Maarten Keune. Reviewed by Valeria Pulignano.
Revaluing Work(ers): Toward a Democratic and Sustainable Future.
Edited by Tobias Schulze-Cleven and Todd E. Vachon. Reviewed by Inez v. Weitershausen.