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Katrina Nobles
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Katrina Nobles

Director of Conflict Programs
Conflict Resolution


Journal Articles

Professional Activities

  • Focused Listening: From Conflict to Collaboration. Presented to eCornell. virtual . 2024.
  • Listen Closely: Gaining Clarity During Conflict. Presented to eCornell. virtual. 2024.
  • Approaches to Mediation: Mediators Talk About Their Approaches to Mediation Practice. Presented to Center for Dispute Settlement. Virtual. 2023.
  • Labor Arbitrator Development Program. Presented to Boston LERA. 2023.
  • "ADR in the US Non-union setting: a system in search of relevance" as part of the panel entitled, "Cross-National Innovations in Workplace Conflict Management Strategies and Practices" . Presented to LERA. 2022.
  • Phobias and Isms and Systems, Oh My!. Presented to Associate for Conflict Resolution (ACR). 2019.
  • Exploring the Path to Becoming a Successful Employment Law Mediator and Arbitrator. Presented to LERA Dispute Resolution Interest Section. 2019.
  • Mediating Public Policy Matters: Stop and Frisk and the New York City Joint Remedial Process. Presented to Scheinman Institute and JAMS. NYC. 2019.
  • Conflict Resolution in the Workplace. Presented to SHRM Tompkins County Chapter. 2019.
  • Workshop on Cornell’s Student Campus Mediation Program. Presented to AAA-ICDR, NYLS, Scheinman Institute. 2018.
  • Diagnosing Conflict. Presented to Arizona Chapter of ACR. 2018.
  • Career Building for Workplace Neutrals. Presented to Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR). 2016.
  • Conflict in Special Education Negotiation. Presented to Ithaca Special Education Parent's Association. 2016.
  • Cross-Cultural Conflict: A Pragmatic Approach to Issues in the Workplace. Presented to Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR). 2015.
  • Strategies for Facilitating Difficult Individual Conflicts. Presented to Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR). 2015.

Honors and Awards

  • Thomas P. Golden Employee Recognition Award, ILR School, Cornell University. 2023
  • Engaged Learning Teaching Award, ILR School, Cornell University. 2021
  • eCornell Trailblazer Award, eCornell. 2019
  • eCornell Trailblazer Award, eCornell. 2018


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