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Valerie Malzer
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Valerie Malzer

Data Associate
Yang-Tan Institute on Employment and Disability


Valerie Malzer is an Extension Associate with the Yang-Tan Institute in Cornell’s ILR School. She received her BS in Psychology from Loyola University Chicago, and her MPA from Cornell University, with a specialization in Social and Educational Policy.

Valerie’s focus is on developing and implementing research and program evaluation activities for disability-focused interventions. This has included developing comprehensive evaluation plans; conducting monitoring and technical assistance with research sites; data collection and analysis; and use of evaluation findings to continuously improve interventions. Valerie employs a systems-focused approach to evaluation, situating programs and their evaluation within a broader context. Her approach acknowledges that effective evaluation must be dynamic, and evolve as programs develop and mature.


Journal Articles

  • Matt Saleh, Leslie Shaw, Valerie B Malzer, Michelle Podolec. 2019. Interagency Collaboration in Transition to Adulthood: A Mixed Methods Approach to Identifying Promising Practices and Processes in the NYS PROMISE Project, Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation . 51(2):183-198.
  • W Coduti, K Tugman, Susanne Marie Bruyere, Valerie B Malzer. 2015. Aging Workers: Work Environment as a Factor in Employee Mental Health, International Journal of Disability Management . 10(4):1-8.
  • Sarah von Schrader, Valerie B Malzer, Susanne Marie Bruyere. 2014. Perspectives on Disability Disclosure: The Importance of Employer Practices and Workplace Climate, Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal . 26(4):237-255.
  • David R Brewer, Arun Karpur, Sukyeong Pi, William Erickson, Darlene Unger, Valerie B Malzer. 2011. Evaluation of a Multi-site Transition to Adulthood Program for Youth with Disabilities, Journal of Rehabilitation . 77(3):3-13.


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