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Dina Bishara
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Dina Bishara

Assistant Professor, International and Comparative Labor
International and Comparative Labor


Dina Bishara is Assistant Professor of International and Comparative Labor at Cornell University. Her research interests include authoritarianism, state-labor relations, social and protest movements, and transitions from authoritarian rule. Her book, Contesting Authoritarianism: Labor Challenges to the State in Egypt, has been published with Cambridge University Press (2018). Her articles have been published or are forthcoming in Comparative Politics, Perspectives on Politics and Middle East Law and Governance. She has been awarded research fellowships from Harvard University, the University of Oxford, and the German Institute for International and Security Affairs.


Journal Articles


  • Dina Bishara. 2018. Contesting Authoritarianism: Labor Challenges to the State in Egypt. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2018.

Book Chapters

  • Dina Bishara. 2012. The power of workers in Egypt's 2011 uprising. Cairo, Egypt: American University in Cairo Press, 2012. Bahgat Korany and Rabab El-Mahdi. (83--104)

Professional Activities

  • Protests in Time and Space: Generating Contention in Authoritarian Regimes. Presented to Yale University, Macmilian Center. Yale University. 2020.
  • Economic and Social Rights and the Arab Spring: Popular Mobilization in Tunisia. Presented to American Political Science Association . Washington, DC. 2019.
  • Contesting Authoritarianism: Labor Challenges to the State in Egypt. Presented to Harvard University . Cambridge, MA. 2019.

Honors and Awards

  • SERMEISS 2019 Book Prize, Honorable Mention, Southeast Regional Middle East and Islamic Studies Society. 2019