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Sarah von Schrader
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Sarah von Schrader

Research Associate
Employment & Disability Institute


Sarah joined the Employment and Disability Institute (EDI), School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University as a Research Associate in June 2009, and now serves as the Assistant Director of Research at EDI.

Sarah’s research focuses on employer practices related to employer success in recruiting, hiring, and advancing individuals with disabilities. She has been working on a long term project using discrimination charge data from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. In addition to these and other research projects, Sarah evaluates the process and impact of several of the programs offered by the Employment and Disability Institute.

Sarah received her doctorate in Education Measurement and Statistics from the University of Iowa in 2006 and bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Colorado College in 1994. Prior to coming to EDI, Sarah worked in the fields of health policy and management, educational testing, and evaluation.


Journal Articles

  • Zafar Nazarov, Dongug Kang, Sarah von Schrader. 2015. Employment Quota System and Labor Market Outcomes of Individuals with Disabilities: Empirical Evidence from South Korea, Fiscal Studies. 36(1):99-126.
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Book Chapters

  • William Erickson, Sarah von Schrader, Susanne Marie Bruyere, Linda Barrington. 2012. Chapter 5 Annotated Data, Statistics, Tables, and Graphs. in Employment and Work. Sage, 2012. S. Bruyere and L. Barrington. (40)
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Professional Activities

  • Research on Disability-Related Employment Practices. Las Vegas, Nevada. 2014.
  • Educational Institutions as Model Employers of People with Disabilities. Presented to Association for Universty Centers on Disability. Washington DC. 2014.
  • Transitioning from in-person to on-line programming: learning through an inclusive evaluation. Presented to American Evaluation Association. Denver, CO. 2014.
  • Employer practices, workplace climate and the disability disclosure decision: implications for higher education. Presented to The University of Delaware Disability, Disclosure in/and Higher Education Conference. Newark, DE. 2013.
  • Disability Disclosure and Self-identification: Benefits, Barriers and Implementable Solutions . Presented to Employer Assistance and Resource Network. webinar. 2013.
  • Characteristics of Employers Receiving Charges under the Americans with Disabilities Act . Presented to National Association of Rehabilitation Research and Training Centers. Alexandria VA. 2013.
  • Leading Disability and Absence Management Practices for an Aging Workforce. Presented to Disability Management Employer Coalition. Webinar. 2013.
  • Characteristics of employers receiving disability discrimination charges . Presented to American Psychological Association Annual Conference. Orlando, FL. 2012.
  • Employer Practices: Research Strategies and Findings. Presented to NARRTC. Washington DC. 2012.
  • Disability Disclosure in the Workplace: What Employers Should Know . Presented to National Employer Technical Assistance Center/EARN and Employer Practices RRTC . Webinar. 2012.
  • Aging workers with Disabilities: Implications for Employers. Presented to National ADA Center. Webinar. 2010.
  • Aging workers with Dsiabilities: Implications for Employers. Presented to National ADA Center. Webinar. 2010.
Sarah von Schrader


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