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Seth Sanders

Ronald Ehrenberg Professor of Economics


Journal Articles

  • Seth Sanders, Deborah Rho. 2021. Immigrant Earnings Assimilation in the United States: A Panel Analysis, .
  • Seth Sanders, Dan Aaronson, Bhashkar Mazumder, Evan Taylor. . Estimating the Effect of School Quality on Mortality in the Presence of Migration: Evidence from the Jim Crow South, .
  • Seth Sanders, Rachel Kranton, Scott Huettel, Michael Pease. 2020. Groupy and Not Groupy Behavior: Deconstructing Bias in Social Preferences, .


  • Seth Sanders, Harriet Duleep, Mark Regets, Phanindra Wunnava. . Human Capital Investment: A History of Asian Immigrants and Their Family Ties. Palgrave MacMillan,


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