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Through teaching, research and outreach, we generate and share knowledge to solve human problems, manage and resolve conflict, establish best practices in the workplace and inform government policy.

Reconciling Social Rights and Economic Development

International organizations must improve coordination with each other to help governments recover from COVID-19, says Assistant Professor Desiree LeClercq.
Covid covering a purple world globe

ILRie Named Student-Elected Trustee

Selam Woldai ’23 will serve as Cornell’s next undergraduate student trustee.
Selam Woldai ’23

May 10 Keynote Features Tom Perez

The “Future of Work: Labor in America” event will discuss proposed legislation and labor changes unfolding during the Biden administration.
People looking out the window of a skyscraper

Blau, Kahn Research Wins Award

New research analyzing the gender division of non-market work, comparing immigrant and native-born men and women, honored by IPUMS.
Larry Kahn and Francine Blau outside Ives Hall

Director of Institute for Compensation Studies Named

Professor M. Diane Burton will lead the ILR School’s interdisciplinary center that researches, teaches and communicates about monetary and non-monetary rewards from work.

Latest Research

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Reconciling Social Rights and Economic Development

International organizations must improve coordination with each other to help governments recover from COVID-19, says Assistant Professor Desiree LeClercq.
Covid covering a purple world globe

Africana Library Exhibit Explores MLK’s Labor Activism

An earlier version of the exhibit “All Labor Has Dignity” was displayed in 2019 at the Kheel Center.
Martin Luther King Jr. speaking at Local 1199

‘Di Linke’ Conference Videos Available Online

Videos from a December 2020 conference focused on the Jewish Peoples Fraternal Order archives, housed at ILR’s Kheel Center in Catherwood Library, are now available for viewing.
Image from the IWO/JPFO archives in the Kheel Center

Understanding Workplace Dispute Resolution and Voice

A new paper from Associate Professor Ariel Avgar addresses the five key ways in which non-union firms handle dispute resolution.
Red and green wooden figures on opposite sides of a divide

New Conversations Project Releases Social Dialogue Report

A year-long mapping exercise, utilizing COVID-19 as a “stress test,” has resulted in 10 country-specific reports on the state of worker organizing, bargaining and social dialogue in garment-producing nations.
Garment workers in an Indonesian factory

Sweet Rewards Valued More

New research from Professor Michele Belot finds that children enjoy sweet foods more after receiving them as a reward.
An assorted mix of candy and jellies











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Courtney McCluney on the cost of code-switching

Hello Monday podcast logo
Assistant Professor Courtney McCluney joined Hello Monday contributor Michaela Greer for an in-depth look at code-switching, and to share strategies for enabling everyone to bring their full selves to work.

Help wanted: Here, there, everywhere

The Courier news logo
While some employers blame unemployment benefits for the for dearth of people willing to work, senior economics advisor Erica Groshen states that the shortage isn’t linked to benefits but to numerous other factors, including underlying health conditions and lack of child care.

Many employers not responding to burnout concerns

HR Reporter News logo
Employee burnout has emerged as a major issue for many workers during the pandemic, but according to associate professor Vanessa Bohns it isn’t just COVID-19 that’s putting stress on its workers.

For Journalists

Cornell University ILR School

Reporters and ILR experts connect hundreds of times every year to bring understandable knowledge about complex work, labor and employment issues to the public. Providing perspectives on international, national, state and regional news, our faculty's expertise is wide ranging. Unions, economics, HR, inequality, conflict resolution, disability, health and safety, labor history, workplace behavior and labor law are among our topic areas.

Founded in 1945 as the New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations, we are known today as the ILR School.

Key Research and Expertise Areas

  • Criminal Justice Employment Initiative – improves employment opportunities for people with criminal records by designing and delivering legal employment training to close information gaps, implement best practices and integrate job seekers with criminal records into the workforce.
  • Disability Employment – employer training, student transition to adulthood, U.S. disability statistics, ADA, autism in the workplace. Our Yang-Tan Institute on Employment and Disability advances knowledge, policy and practice to enhance equal opportunities for all people with disabilities.
  • Dispute Resolution – management and labor, employment contracts, corporations, negotiations, mandatory arbitration. The Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution teaches practical skills for use in the workplace and beyond.
  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion – workplace issues, inequality, gender/racial bias, stereotyping and inequality. Many of our academic and outreach activities address DEI.
  • Employee Relations – workplace practices, workplace culture, engagement, health care industry, innovative practices.
  • Future of Work and Gig Economy – workplace technological change, organizational change, temp workers, on-demand platform workers, history of capitalism. Our Institute for Workplace Studies and Worker Institute are among ILR resources for future of work and gig economy expertise.
  • Human Resources – employment policies, benefits, training, motivation, creativity, job creation, turnover, performance, well-being, entrepreneurship, star employees, virtual work, leadership, layoffs, talent, HR strategy, analytics, leadership, job quality, career building, absenteeism, strategy. The Cornell Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies focuses on research and best practices.
  • Immigration – immigrant worker rights, DACA, immigration and workplace law at the subfederal, federal and International levels, effects of temporary immigration status and worker legal mobilization.
  • International Economic Policy – global labor markets, human rights, state-labor relations in China, China urbanization, labor standards in global supply chains.
  • Labor – organized labor, labor law, collective bargaining, private/public sector unions, union leadership, labor history, labor relations, NLRB, low-wage work, green jobs, labor contracts, gendered workplace, migrants’ social movements, call centers, health and safety. The Worker Institute addresses many aspects of labor.
  • Labor Economics – labor market analysis, pay trends, wages, gender wage gap, wage inequality, economic history.
  • Labor Law – labor rights, employment law, ethical governance of workplace technologies and employment discrimination. Our Labor and Employment Law Program merges law and social science research to provide perspectives.
  • Workplace Analytics and Big Data – staffing, algorithms, Bayesian statistics, statistical theory, methods and analysis, health care industry. ILR is home to the Labor Dynamics Institute.
  • Workplace Behavior – creativity, influence, psychological entitlement, culture, consent, substance abuse, leadership, organizational change, group dynamics, health and safety.
  • Workplace Sexual Harassment – economic consequences of sexual assault and harassment, statistics, prevention education.

Tip Sheets

McDonald's anti-harassment training could lead to backlash

April 14, 2021
Vanessa Bohns, associate professor of organizational behavior at Cornell University, studies social influence and the psychology of compliance and consent. She says that sexual harassment training by McDonald's must be combined with other initiatives to be effective.   

With semiconductor shortage, Biden faces 'billions in manufacturing stoppages'

April 12, 2021
Arthur Wheaton, an expert on the automotive industry at the ILR School, says demand for semiconductor chips among automakers is only going to increase as more electric vehicles are introduced into fleets, and that it may lead to “billions in manufacturing stoppages.”

Target's commitment to Black-owned business reflects GenZ expectations

April 9, 2021
Tony Byers, diversity and inclusion programs director at the ILR School, says of Target's commitment to Black-owned businesses that GenZ "seemingly have higher expectations for corporate commitment to social, economic, and environmental change."

March jobs report to show New York recovery lags behind

April 1, 2021
Russell Weaver, economic geographer and director of research at the Cornell ILR Buffalo Co-Lab, says while the March jobs report is poised to show continued signs of economic recovery, New York state is still lagging behind the rest of the nation.

Biden's offshore wind goals 'exactly what US needs'

March 30, 2021
Lara Skinner is the director of the Worker Institute’s Labor Leading on Climate Initiative and an expert on labor and employment issues related to sustainability, climate protection and clean energy. She says the Biden administration’s goal to build a large offshore wind industry demonstrates his commitment to tackling climate change and creating high-quality jobs for Americans.

TikTok anti-bullying efforts will drive behavior change

March 10, 2021
Vanessa Bohns, associate professor of organizational behavior Cornell University’s ILR School, says TikTok’s efforts should have a positive impact on improving the online community.

In embracing hybrid work, Salesforce sees clear cost savings

February 10, 2021
Salesforce, a leading cloud-based software company based in San Francisco, announced this week that it would allow its employees to “work remotely part or full time after the pandemic.” Bradford S. Bell says that Salesforce is not alone in suggesting hybrid work arrangements in the long term. He adds that such decisions carry important cost-saving and other benefits for companies with a significant real estate footprint, like Salesforce.

Bitter economics, lofty promises underpin farmers protests in India

December 2, 2020
Protests are spreading in India, where farmers are rallying against new agricultural laws that they say will undermine their livelihood and benefit big corporations. Sarah Besky, associate professor in the ILR School at Cornell University, studies labor relations with an emphasis on farming and the tea industry in India. She is available for interviews about the economic dynamics underlying the current protests.


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As a news reporter and/or editor, Mary Catt worked at the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Syracuse Herald-Journal, Syracuse Post-Standard, Times Herald-Record and Reading Times. She was a stringer for The New York Times and wrote for Fodor's, Runner's World, USA Today and other publications. (315) 651-1168

Julie Greco

  • Communications Specialist
Julie Greco joined the ILR Communications and Marketing staff in June 2019 after 14 years in Cornell’s Athletic Communications office. As a critical member of the team focused on ILR’s internal and external communications strategy, Greco concentrates on the office’s storytelling, media relations and analytics work. (315) 559-3422