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Spring 2024

Pre Enrollment Dates- have been posted Key Academic Dates


Important Information and Reminders - Fall 2022 and Beyond Curriculum

  • Check your credit summary in Student Center
  • ILR CORE REQUIRED courses should be completed by the end of your sophomore year. You can find information on all ILR curriculum requirements on the ILR website.
  • Please review the ILR Academic Policies. One important policy we would like to bring to your attention is that ILR students may not receive credit for acting as a Teaching or Research Assistant. This policy applies even if the class is not an ILR class or the faculty member is not part of the ILR faculty.
  • Distribution requirements must be letter graded. The Undergraduate Program Committee has developed a list to illustrate the course titles that meet the following requirements in Science and Technology. Students may request to have a course added to this list. The request must include a full course description and syllabus which indicates the readings to be covered and can be submitted to the ILR Office of Student Services.
  • ILR Electives-As part of the 40 credit requirement of ILR elective work, students must take one course for a letter grade from an approved list in each of the following three areas: International and Comparative Labor, Labor History, and Quantitative Policy.
    • Minimum of 24 credits of ILR course work – including a maximum of 16 credits for a semester credit internship, maximum of 8 credits of independent or directed study, and a maximum of 15 credits for approved coursework taken while participating in an ILR Exchange program.
    • Maximum of 16 credits for approved out of college courses toward ILR elective credit - this can include foreign languages (12 credits max) and advanced mathematics.
    • CU Abroad: a maximum of 9 credits for one semester of CU Study Abroad or 15 credits for a full year can be used as part of the 16 approved out of college course credits each student is allotted.
  • Upperclassmen have the opportunity to register in some graduate courses and seminars providing that they meet the prerequisites of the course.
  • All 5000, 7000, and 9000 level courses in ILR are open only to graduate students.
  • Graduate students are eligible to register in 4000-level courses listed in the undergraduate section. They may register for other undergraduate courses with their advisor's approval. If approved as part of graduate degree requirements, graduate students are encouraged to meet with the instructor to discuss content and any special requirements of the course.
  • Physical Education and the Swim Test are graduation requirements for all entering first-year undergraduate students. PE credits DO NOT count toward the 120 needed for degree. You are expected to complete these requirements in the first two terms at Cornell.
  • Not sure how to add a class in student center? Take a look at these video tutorials.

Quick Tips for Pre-Enrollment

  • Be prepared! Know the course numbers and course dept prefix and number (ex: ILRLR 1100) of your chosen classes.
  • Prioritize! You’re not the only one trying to pre-enroll. Rank your courses and enroll in that order so you have a better chance of getting into that class.
  • Have backups! It’s typical for students to not get every class they want. Make sure you have back up classes to cover those time slots.