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Arthur Wheaton
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Arthur Wheaton

Director, Labor Studies
EXT-Buffalo Co-Lab


Arthur Wheaton is director of Labor Studies and works in the Cornell ILR Buffalo Co-Lab. Art also works for the Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution. His expertise includes workplace training, negotiations, costing out a contract and conflict resolution, as well as auto and aerospace industrial relations.

Prior to joining the ILR faculty in 1999, Art was with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he was project manager for the Labor Aerospace Research Agenda.

Author of numerous publications, Art earned a B.A. in multidisciplinary social science with a concentration in political science, history and economics at Michigan State University. He has an M.L.I.R. from the Michigan State School of Labor and Industrial Relations.

Teaching Statement

Art has taught Collective Bargaining, Negotiations, Organizational Change, Steward Training, Interest-Based Bargaining, Conflict Resolution, Communications, Costing Out a Contract, Internet Based Research for Unions, Running Effective Meetings, Crisis Management and Strategic Planning.

Service Statement

Art is Co-Chair of the Western NY Apollo Alliance and part of the ILR Extension Retreat Committee.

Outreach Statement

Art manages and teaches in the online labor studies certificate program and online labor leadership skills certificate program. Art also provides on-site training and education programs for unions and other organizations. In addition, Art teaches Renovation, Remodeling and Painting for the EPA RRP-Initial certificate.


Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

  • Harry Katz, Arthur C Wheaton. 2018. Workers' and Union Participation at US Workplaces. in Palgrave Handbook of Workers' Participation at the Plant Level. Germany: Palgrave Press, 2018. Stefan Berger, Ludger Pries, Manfred Wannoffel.

Conference Proceedings

  • Arthur C Wheaton. 1996. Developments in Cross-Cultural Procedural Justice, Industrial Relations, and Human Resource Management. in Emerging Issues of Employment Proceedings. Taipei, Taiwan: International Industrial Relations Association 3rd Asian Regional Congress, 1996. (143-164)