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Abstract blue and red light
Through teaching, research and outreach, ILR generates and shares knowledge to solve human problems, manage and resolve conflict, establish best practices in the workplace and inform government policy.

Public Impact

What’s Ahead for Teachers?

A year after COVID-19 disrupted education, Dean Alex Colvin and Randi Weingarten ’80 will discuss the future of K-12 teaching.
A female teacher wearing a mask puts hand sanitizer on a student

ILRies Impacting Teen Girls in India

Global Service Learning students introduced debate to 44 girls, five of whom are coming to ILR in July for the International Summer Debate Camp.

Estefania Palacios '18, Mysore schoolchildren

Supreme Court’s Second Citation for ILR Research

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg cites Professor Colvin’s research on the impact of mandatory arbitration for more than 60 million workers.

Supreme Court

Future of Work Report Launches at ILR

International Labour Organizaton and ILR lead discussion with experts from diverse fields.

Linda Barrington, associate dean for outreach and sponsored research in the ILR School, and Richard Samans, World Economic Forum executive director, speak at the ILR School’s event discussing the landmark report issued by the International Labour Organiza

CJEI Employment Empowerment Event

Connecting employers and people with criminal records.

ILR teaches employment rights at correctional facility

Better Data, Better Economy

Groshen, Groves recommend moving Bureau of Labor Statistics to Commerce Department

ILR's Erica Groshen advocates for proactive solutions in the age of driverless vehicles

Empowering the Job Search

ILR teaches employment rights at correctional facility

Members of EEE Action Environmental seated around table

Building on Potential

Tech a promising frontier to employ people with disabilities: forum

Pat Romzek

Advancing the Workplace

Yang-Tan forum highlights innovations for greater disability inclusion

"Technology Changes Everything" in NYC

Personal and Professional Passion

Autism Story Shared

Yang-Tan Institute hosts author of "Life, Animated"

Ron Suskind

Yang-Tan Ties to Tech

Roosevelt Island and Cornell Tech families enjoy Community Day, Aug. 5, 2017.

Combatting Stereotypes

Case of Yang-Tan research cited in brief filed with U.S. Supreme Court

Sarah von Schrader, Yang-Tan associate director of research

Fifty Years of Labor-Management Peace

New York City’s Collective Bargaining Law Celebrated

ILR Joins Cornell Partners to Build Solutions

Jesse Winter

Personal Stories

Jensen and Blau accept Alpern and Groat awards

Empowered Doers

Maker Movement Reboots Capitalism for the Masses

Radical Collaboration

Growing School’s Entrepreneurial Vision

ILR Executive Education names new leader

Radical Collaboration

ILR institute driving research opportunities across Cornell

Obama’s Legacy

Bigler focuses forum on present and future of National Labor Relations Board

Farsighted Leadership

ILR Press Editorial Director Frances Benson receiving award

Men at Work (and Family)

Worker Institute students and faculty examine caregiving patterns

Worker Institute student research fellows, spring 2016

ILR in Albany

School renews ties with land-grant partners, alums, friends

Cornell Day in Albany

Advancing Labor Research

Gray establishes fund to propel Worker Institute objectives

Holiday Underscores Labor Issues

Worker activities tied to Thanksgiving travel, Black Friday

Black Friday

Marginalized Voices Heard

Inclusion of diverse perspectives a focus of IvyQ

Improving Health Care

Scheinman plays vital role in launching labor-management partnership

Labor Roundtable

Annual event connects students with union and social justice representatives