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What does it take to conduct successful internal investigations?

In this course, you'll learn and practice the complete step-by-step internal investigation process. You'll actively engage with content related to conducting interviews, investigation techniques, determining credibility, managing bias, reaching conclusions, and implementing outcomes. Applying a case study, you'll review and use the internal investigations process, and interact with expert investigators to learn best practices and acquire new skills.

Key Course Takeaways

  • Review a structure and apply techniques for conducting interviews and gathering information
  • Discover and practice essential probing skills
  • Examine the investigator's role and essential ways to avoid assumptions
  • Determine when to involve attorneys and other experts
  • Examine information and questions for evaluating credibility
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of an investigation and trends or patterns of all complaints
  • Engage with internal investigators and legal experts
  • Apply new concepts through an interactive case study

Who Should Enroll

  • Entry-level to senior HR professionals
  • Global HR managers
  • Employee relations managers
  • Generalists seeking to move into specialized role
  • EEO, compliance and security professionals conducting internal employee-related investigations

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