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Through teaching, research and outreach, ILR generates and shares knowledge to solve human problems, manage and resolve conflict, establish best practices in the workplace and inform government policy.

New York City

Professors Combine Methods and Expertise to Increase Understanding Around Inequality

Shannon Gleeson and Kati Griffith are researching how immigrants think about their rights at work and how immigration status impacts their ability to make claims on those rights.

Context for Uber IPO: Roles Workers Play

Maria Figueroa of the Worker Institute explains the tension between investor return and driver compensation.

Maria Figueroa

At 20, Alum’s Strategy for Beauty Business Defies Retail Trends


"We were the first national neighborhood beauty store where customers could receive personalized, educational and friendly advice," alum Barry Beck tells Forbes.

Marla and Barry Beck

Ticket to Success

A 2015 graduate of ILR’s Master of Professional Studies program, Nicole Smart puts Actor’s Equity diversity values into action.

Nicole Smart

Kheel Center at Museum of the City of New York

Dozens of Kheel artifacts are part of "City of Workers, City of Struggle: How Labor Movements Changed New York."

Kheel Center at Musuem of the City of New York

Leading Cornell renamed in honor of Sam Bacharach

Professor Bacharach's time and innovation has contributed to Cornell's leadership within its workforce.

Sam Bacharach speaking

Semester in Ireland Helps Shape Senior’s View of Labor Relations

Learning abroad inspires Louisa Heywood’s research projects and could mean a career based in Dublin, Europe’s tech hub.

Louisa Heywood '19

Supreme Court’s Second Citation for ILR Research

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg cites Professor Colvin’s research on the impact of mandatory arbitration for more than 60 million workers.

Supreme Court

McPherson Honors and Awards

Students and faculty learned Thursday about ILRies receiving top awards for the 2018-2019 school year.

Emily Abelow receives the John O'Donnell Prize in Labor Law from Kevin Harris, the Frank B. Miller Director of ILR Student Services.

ILRies Elected to Student Assembly Leadership

Advocating for undergraduates, ILR students serve as a voice for their peers.

Four ILR teams have received funding that connects ILR students, staff and faculty with communities in New York state and West Virginia.

Making the Case for Policy Preparedness

ILR’s Erica Groshen advocates for proactive solutions in the age of driverless vehicles

illustration of a driverless vehicle

Forced arbitration growing, putting more workers at risk, Colvin says.

Sixty million workers are impacted by a conflict resolution system forced on them by employers, according to ILR’s interim dean.

ILR School Interim Dean Alex Colvin, Ph.D.'99 speaks with a panel in New York City.

Brilliant Economist Impacted Millions of American Workers

Alan Krueger ’83, whose research, teaching and public service shaped the way people think about a range of topics, was known for extraordinary contributions to modern economics.

Alan Krueger

ILR School Founded 75 Years Ago

In a volatile period of U.S. labor-management relations, an institution to help bring peace to the workplace was established.

black and white photo the first class at ILR

Rosen will be Honored on April 11

The Alpern Award will be presented to Diane Rosen ’78 in recognition of her ILR support and service.

Diane Rosen, Cornell University, ILR School

Richmond ’91 Receiving Groat Award on April 11

An employment attorney who focuses on the restaurant industry, Richmond grew up in a Cornell family.

Carolyn Richmond, 2019 Groat Award Winner

Department of Defense Funds Smithers Institute Research

Veterans will be tracked as they transition from active duty to the civilian workforce.

army military member in uniform sitting on doorstep of home

Future of Work Report Launches at ILR

International Labour Organizaton and ILR lead discussion with experts from diverse fields.

Linda Barrington, associate dean for outreach and sponsored research in the ILR School, and Richard Samans, World Economic Forum executive director, speak at the ILR School’s event discussing the landmark report issued by the International Labour Organiza

CJEI Employment Empowerment Event

Connecting employers and people with criminal records.

ILR teaches employment rights at correctional facility

Gig Economy Collective Bargaining

Erica Smiley, a graduate of the National Labor Leadership Initiative, co-leads the grassroots organization “Jobs for Justice,” and chooses strategies to further collective bargaining in the rapidly changing economy of work.

Erica Smiley co-lead at Jobs for Justice

Groat and Alpern Awards Announced

Jois us in April to celebrate Carolyn Richmond and Diane Rosen for their achievements and service to ILR.

Groat and Alpern 2019 logo

Disrupting Status Quo in Business

Barry Beck ’90, co-founder and COO of Bluemercury, Inc., led the Entrepreneurship at Cornell Summit and said that converging diverse voices leads to greater discovery and business growth.

Barry Beck '90 led the Entrepreneurship at Cornell Summit

Cornell ILR Sports Leadership Summit Draws Hundreds

ILRies and other Cornellians, among the most highly respected leaders in professional sports, met recently met to share perspectives on the industry's future.

Gary Bettman, left, and Mike Levine spoke at the summit.

Program Empowers People Returning to Workforce

Criminal records are a problem for millions of job seekers. An ILR program is helping formerly incarcerated people and the employers who need their skills.

Projects Connect ILR Teams with Communities

Four ILR teams have received funding that connects ILR students, staff and faculty with communities in New York state and West Virginia.

Four ILR teams have received funding that connects ILR students, staff and faculty with communities in New York state and West Virginia.

Summit Featuring Sports Leaders

ILR and Cornell graduates lead sports leagues, agencies and news outlets. On Nov. 15, they’ll share their thoughts on industry trends.

National Hockey League Commissioner, Gary Bettman '74, will be one of the speakers at the 2018 Sports Leadership Summit

Two ILR Faculty Win Weiss Awards

Kati Griffith and George Boyer honored for excellence in teaching.

Kati Griffith, associate professor of labor and employment law, speaks during a class in Ives Hall.

Enhancing Employment Outcomes for Autistic Students

Using a neurodiversity-hub model focused on improving employment outcomes for students with autism, Nick Martin, left, and Chris Rogers spent eight weeks researching expansion of CUNY services for neurodiverse students.

Chris Rogers '19 and Nick Martin '19

Colvin Named Interim Dean

Alex Colvin, the Martin F. Scheinman Professor of Conflict Resolution, will lead the school while Cornell searches for a permanent dean.

Alex Colvin

Enriching Entreprenurial Paths

Beck Fellows Program supports student entrepreneurs

Barry and Marla Beck