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Through teaching, research and outreach, ILR generates and shares knowledge to solve human problems, manage and resolve conflict, establish best practices in the workplace and inform government policy.

McPherson Honors and Awards

Emily Abelow receives the John O'Donnell Prize in Labor Law from Kevin Harris, the Frank B. Miller Director of ILR Student Services.

ILR held its 26th McPherson Honors and Awards Dinner, a spring tradition honoring students and faculty, on campus Thursday.

Professor George Boyer, associate dean for academic affairs, presented the MacIntyre Award for Teaching & Advising to Professor Robert Hutchens and Professor Risa Lieberwitz. The Robert N. Stern Award for Teaching & Mentoring was given to Associate Professor Kate Griffith.

The student to receive the James E. McPherson Scholarship was Alden Aikins.

The new David B. Lipsky Award for Conflict Resolution, Impact and Excellence was established to honor Professor Lipsky’s career-long work in the field of conflict resolution and for his service to the school. The award recognized students Xenia Dvoriantchikova and Hannah Jang.

“The students we recognized this year are incredibly talented, dedicated and hardworking. This is often the case for many ILR students, even when they are holding part-time jobs, participating in a wide range of extracurricular activities and managing busy academic lives,” said Kevin Harris, the Frank B. Miller Director of Student Services.

“ILR may be one of the smaller colleges, but our students stand out as some of the most engaged citizens of the university,” Harris said. “Everywhere I go on campus, colleagues refer to the amazing leadership of our ILR undergraduates and their many contributions to the Cornell community.”

ILR held its 26th McPherson Honors and Awards Dinner, a spring tradition honoring students and faculty, on campus Thursday.

Awards and winners announced Thursday include:

SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence
Niyyah Barber

Merrill Presidential Scholars
Julia Allen
Niyyah Barber  
Brittany Garcia

Eric Lawrence Ehrenberg Memorial Prize
Mia Acheson

Virginia Freeman Memorial Prize
Nicholas Martin

Daniel Alpern Award
Dillon Jones
James Campbell Award
Hannah Lorenc

Irving M. Ives Senior Award and Felix Kaufmann-Sophie Seidenberg Memorial Award
Niyyah Barber

Stuart Linnick Memorial Prize
Julia Allen

Seidman Prize
Christopher Ioannou
Irene Hartmann

John O’Donnell Prize in Labor Law
Emily Abelow
Delaney Ho

ILR Global Scholars
Janet Kim
Hannah Cho
Tiffany Ross
Jose Montes
Maura Roach
Clady Corona
Meaghan Gee
Brittany Garcia
Veronika Koziel
Christopher Miller

Candidates for Graduation with Honors
Eric Bailey
Niyyah Barber
Hannah Bollinger
Sean Carver
Stephannie Chen
Rachel Chiu
Clara Chung
Lauren Fallon
Noah Fink
Brittany Garcia
Jieer Huang
Christopher Ioannou
Jared Katz
Stephanie McCarter-Dadzie
Lexi McCool
David Scharf
Margot Werner

General Mills Award for Exemplary Graduate Teaching Assistance
Michael Iadevaia


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