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Wide shot of ILR Building in Ithaca, NY

ILR Employees Recognized

Three individuals and two teams received special recognition at the annual ILR Employee Recognition Ceremony Friday in Ives Hall.

The Employee Recognition Award was received by:

  • ILR Outreach Senior Program Assistant Sherrie Morales
  • ILR Sponsored Research Office Manager Erika Rose
  • ILR Buffalo Co-Lab Director of Research Russell Weaver
  • ILR Student Experience Team
  • ILR Infrastructure Operations Team

Assistant Professor of International and Comparative Labor Desiree LeClercq received the MacIntyre Award for Exemplary Teaching and Senior Lecturer John Haggerty received the Robert N. Stern Award for Teaching and Mentoring.

The General Mills Award for Exemplary Graduate Teaching was received by Professor of Human Resource Studies Rosemary Batt and Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior Courtney McCluney.

The Staff Mentoring Award was received by Director of Graduate Enrollment and Student Services Christie Avgar and Associate Director of Multicultural Affairs Jessie Mancilla.

The Engaged Learning Teaching Award was received by Yan-Tan Institute Senior Extension Associate LaWanda Cook, Extension Associate of Scheinman Institute Extension Associate Katrina Nobles and Yang-Tan Research Associate Matthew Saleh.

Employees were recognized for years of service:

5 years

Cheryl Benk

Denise V. Brown-Hart

Sophia Harmon

Kara Lombardi

Anna Rivera

Erika Rose

Rebecca Schimenti

Johanna Tuttle

10 years

Laura Haley

Katherine Solis-Fonte

Michael Ward

15 years

Julie Greco

Donald Kenyon

Laura Robinson

Ian Schachner

20 years

Renee Cook

Dianna Dean-Tucker

Sariena Lam

Camille Lee

Michael Radzik

David Yantorno

25 years

Anu Lyons

Dan Elswit

Sherrie Morales

30 years

Traci Morse

35 years

Cheli Secord

40 years

David Lippincott

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