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Appropriate and accurate documentation is critical to successful internal investigations.

In this course, you will learn methods for capturing key information; maintaining documentation; and writing fair, neutral, and effective reports. You'll practice taking notes, developing documentation, avoiding advocacy language, addressing comparators/credibility, and writing sound conclusions. Considerations include ethical issues and attorney/client privilege. You'll leave the course with a report template that will uphold findings and withstand heightened scrutiny.

Prerequisite: CO335 Advanced Internal Investigations Process

Key Course Takeaways

  • Practice effectively taking and reviewing notes
  • Analyze interviews and evidence to present in the report
  • Address appropriate policies and employment and EEO law
  • Practice writing the executive summary, allegations, and factual findings in a report
  • Engage with techniques for avoiding advocacy language and addressing credibility when writing reports

Who Should Enroll

  • Entry-level to senior HR professionals
  • Global HR managers
  • Employee relations managers
  • Generalists seeking to move into a specialized role
  • EEO, compliance, and security professional conducting internal employee-related investigations

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