Online Labor Studies Program

The Cornell ILR Online Labor Studies Program provides busy union activists with an opportunity to take college credit courses without regard to their location or work schedules. While there is no physical classroom there is considerable student-to-student and student-to-instructor interaction, making for lively discussions and group learning.

Courses advance students' knowledge about the issues that matter most to their day-to-day roles and include Collective Bargaining, Labor History, Labor/Employment Law, Contemporary Labor Issues and Contract Administration.

Participants can earn a Certificate and an Advanced Certificate of Labor Studies.

Adjunct faculty are proud members of the Cornell Adjunct Faculty Alliance, NYSUT, AFT, AFL-CIO. Courses and credits earned in Extension Division programs are not automatically accepted as transfer credits or as a basis of admission to the resident Cornell-ILR programs in Ithaca. Student applications and course transfers are evaluated by universities and colleges on an individual basis.


A Certificate of Labor Studies can be earned by successfully completing 18 credit course in the following areas

  • Law (Labor Law, Employment Law, or Labor Relations in the Public Sector)- one course
  • History (Labor History or Labor & Film)- one course
  • Bargaining (Collective Bargaining, Contract Administration)
  • Electives (Labor, Government and Politics, , Unions and Diversity, and others)- courses

Additionally, an Advanced Certificate of Labor Studies will be awarded to those who complete an additional 9.0 credits offered in the program in any subject area. Each course carries 3.0 undergraduate college credits.

Our on-line credit classes are structured so that you can log-on at any particular time or day throughout the week.  The system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Each online 3.0 credit course is $625.00. 

To register on-line, click on the course name below or contact Arthur Wheaton at 716.777.0303, for call or TEXT. You can also download the 2021 Course Schedule and Registration Form (PDF, 227 KB) and fax it to (212) 340-2890.

Upcoming Online Courses

Private Sector Labor Law

Part of the Online Labor Studies Program this course surveys the major areas of the law as it applies to workers and unions in the private sector. Students will concentrate on major provisions of the National Labor Relations Act, examining how NLRB and Federal Courts have interpreted the national labor laws.

2-month Credit Course

Labor Relations in the Public Sector

Part of the Online Labor Studies Program which allows busy union activists to take college credit courses regardless of their location or work schedules, this 11-week online course is designed to acquaint labor relations professionals, union members, union stewards and officers with a basic understanding of public sector labor relations.

2-month Credit Course

Advanced Collective Bargaining

This online for-credit course helps union activists build the practical skills needed in collective bargaining today through role-plays and mock bargaining with students across the country.  Organizations benefit from union members learning bargaining skills in a safe environment instead of at the bargaining table which can impact the entire workplace.

2-month Credit Course