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The primary focus of this course is to build the practical skills needed in collective bargaining today through role plays and mock bargaining. The textbook for this course provides background and an introduction to collective bargaining and industrial relations. Students will discuss the principles of contract bargaining based on the required text and utilize those concepts in negotiations and conflict resolution scenarios.  Students will prepare bargaining demands, cost economic items, drafting non-economic contract language, negotiate economic and non-economic issues, and discuss impact of failures to resolve a contract bargaining impasse.  

Key Topics

  • Introduction to Collective Bargaining and Industrial Relations
  • Union and Management Strategies for Collective Bargaining
  • Negotiations Process and Strikes
  • Conflict Resolution at the Workplace
  • Global Pressures and Industrial Relations in Other Countries

Approach and Features

The required text for this class “Getting Past No: Negotiating in Difficult Situations” by William Ury,   Each student will need to select a chapter to be the lead and another chapter to assist in discussion boards.  The book is used for background information and to provide some structure to the class.  Each participant will be required to discuss lessons learned from a chapter of their choosing and share with class.  The primary emphasis is on skill building through scenarios and role plays not reading the textbook.

How Will You Benefit?

This course provides an opportunity to practice and improve your bargaining skills with students from across the country in various public sector, private sector and building trades environments. Your organization will benefit from learning lessons in a safe environment instead of at the bargaining table affecting the entire workplace.

This course is a part of the Cornell ILR Online Labor Studies Program and upon completion you will earn 3.0 credits that can be used towards a Certificate of Labor Studies or an Advanced Certificate of Labor Studies.

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