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The ability to craft clear and enforceable contract and grievance-settlement language is paramount to ensure the intent and terms of the agreement are understood by all parties and the negotiated deal is upheld. This specialized two-day workshop is critically important for labor relations practitioners, offering them the opportunity to develop and hone these skills avoiding potential disputes or legal challenges.

Key Topics include:

  • Techniques for writing clearly and succinctly, with a focus on ensuring the intended audiences fully comprehend the agreement language.
  • Understanding the principles of contract interpretation to ensure the language used in agreements aligns with how arbitrators will enforce it.
  • Analyzing the significance of specific words and phrases in labor agreements and how their interpretation can impact the execution of the contract.
  • Examining the relationship between negotiation dynamics and agreement language, and how they influence each other.

Special Features: During this interactive two-day workshop, participants will engage in practical exercises to draft and analyze CBA language within the context of negotiation scenarios. This approach allows for a hands-on learning experience, bridging the gap between theory and real-world application.

This workshop is crucial for those seeking to enhance their expertise in this critical aspect of labor relations, ensuring they are equipped to create and manage agreements that accurately reflect and enforce the negotiated terms.

Who Will Benefit

Labor relations, human resource, operations, and finance professionals who represent or support management in collective bargaining and negotiations.


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