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Take on the role of lead negotiator in collective bargaining from start to finish. This course focuses on the practical aspects of developing and managing a team, the dynamics and flow of bargaining stages, the difference between competitive and collaborative approaches, and how to come to an agreement. Culminating in a day-and-a-half mock collective bargaining simulation, this course provides valuable practice and feedback from seasoned negotiators.

Key Course Takeaways

  • Explore the multifaceted realm of team management. Understand diverse team roles and skillfully handle team dynamics both at and away from the bargaining table.
  • Develop a negotiation strategy aligned with both sides’ goals and the balance of power. Enhance your negotiation skills by practicing both competitive and collaborative approaches. 
  • Learn the nuts and bolts of translating objectives into written proposals and impactful opening statements. Practice presenting your proposals and probing the other side. 
  • Understand the process and pace of traditional collective bargaining, knowing when, why and how to make counter-proposals and how to resolve stalemates and get to a deal. 
  • Apply your bargaining skills in a realistic simulation practice. Receive actionable feedback and refine your negotiation approach under the guidance of seasoned negotiators.

Pre-requisite: LR201 Preparation for Collective Bargaining or ILR522 Preparing for Labor Negotiations 

Who Should Enroll

  • HR and labor relations professionals
  • Managers and executives working in a union environment
  • Attorneys involved in collective bargaining
  • Union officials involved in collective bargaining

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