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Learn to use your emotional intelligence to interact with others, solve problems, and achieve higher performance.

Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to harness your emotions in sensing, understanding, and responding adeptly to social cues in your environment. It is often referred to as "common sense" that allows one to relate to people and get along in the world. Research has shown that EI is a far better predictor of success than IQ.

Emotional intelligence is what every leader uses to make pivotal decisions, plan projects and initiatives, solve problems, interact with clients, set performance expectations, communicate feedback, and collaborate with colleagues of all levels.

While your IQ will remain stable for most of your life, you can develop and perfect the competencies associated with EI to achieve higher performance as a leader. This workshop will show you how.

Key Course Takeaways

  • Utilizing EI to boost staff morale and motivation, performance, feedback, and talent retention
  • Debrief the results of your EI profile and develop an action plan to enhance your EI
  • Scientific findings in detecting social cues
  • The combined effect of emotions and logic on judgment
  • Case studies of high EI performers
  • Reading others and seeing beyond what people want you to see
  • Using EI to leave others with the right impression

Who Should Enroll

  • Entry-level to senior HR and business professionals
  • Business and employee relations managers
  • Generalists seeking to move into a specialized role


"Very relevant to my career, this course is one of the best courses I attended, which can be used in my professional and personal life."

– Dina Fahim, Manager HR Investigation, Qatar Airways
"The course is very important to every day learning and how we should handle the way we think and perform our daily lives."

– Spring 2017 participant


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