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Gaining the commitment of others, identifying those who add value to your organization, and giving them the tools to succeed is the bedrock of leading others toward success. Master critical communication and management skills to effectively manage employees, establish priorities, and delegate responsibilities. Learn to identify the leadership values important to you and expertly communicate these to your team. Be steadfast in your knowledge about the results you want to achieve, the environment you want to create, and how to develop talent. Become an effective leader with the ability to build relationships and manage workplace communications in order to be heard and understood by others.

What You'll Learn

  • Align the work of your team with the goals of the organization to achieve desirable results
  • Focus how you will address work and the efforts of others by successfully managing time, prioritizing tasks, and effectively delegating responsibilities
  • Build and maintain productive relationships through impactful communication approaches from listening effectiveness to assessing and appropriately reacting to what you heard
  • Assess the effects of your communication behaviors and the influence on others
  • Demonstrate assertive communication skills and how to maintain positive rapport during difficult conversations
  • Explore different communication styles and how to communicate with those viewed as difficult in the workplace as well as how emotions play a role in whether or not we can achieve a successful outcome
  • Create and develop an action plan for accelerating trust

Course Assets

This four-session workshop embeds the skills necessary for building trust, setting goals, managing expectations, and effectively delegating for optimal results. Additional topics covered include:

  • The key elements in a trusting relationship
  • The ABCD Trust Model
  • A personalized leadership development plan, which identifies your strengths and unique contributions, the impact of your self-improvement goals, and your intentions as a leader
  • Examining important coaching elements, such as setting clear and actionable goals, formulating a development plan and dealing with conversational conflict


"I thought the instructors were very knowledgeable and led the class with humor and grace. They were adept at facilitating meaningful conversations and bringing in everyone's experiences and perspectives."

– Spring 2016 participant
"This training was very relevant to everyday issues that arise in the workforce and demonstrates how to deal with them."

– Spring 2016 participant


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