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Lisa Csencsits

Lisa Csencsits, associate director at the Scheinman Institute for HR and leadership programs
Director, Human Resource, Leadership and DEI Professional Programs

Lisa Csencsits, Director for The Scheinman  Institute at Cornell University, ILR, is responsible for the design, development and delivery of learning and capability development programs in the areas of Human Resources, Leadership Development, Diversity Equity and Inclusion. Ms. Csencsits, as an Organizational Development Practitioner, leverages her experience working with large privately and publicly held companies, as well as her research and educational expertise to provide programs grounded in theory with practical solutions to enhance participant learning and professional development. Ms. Csencsits's expertise includes implementing effective, innovative and sustainable interventions to enhance organizational performance, aligning strategic HR and DEI initiatives with organizational goals, improving leadership effectiveness, developing individual and team capabilities, planning for organizational change and assessing talent needs. Lisa's work has included establishing talent management processes for greater efficiency and results, delivering learning programs aimed at building strategic leadership, coaching leaders to meet individual and organizational needs, working alongside company leadership to identify and define the capabilities needed to perform effectively throughout their functions and creating unique career development opportunities to support both organizational and employee growth. Over the years, Lisa has also been actively involved in partnering to present and publish research in the field of Industrial/Organizational Psychology, as well as consulting organizations on HR practices and team building initiatives. Lisa holds a B.A. In Psychology from Adelphi University and a M.A. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Hofstra University.