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From individual work preferences to feeling a sense of belonging where one can be their authentic self at work, we ask participants to take an inside-out view on how they show up at work, how their behaviors influence others, and how they impact the organization in an effort to build a more equitable workplace. An individual’s willingness to be an “Ally” and adapt how they view and approach the work—and those performing the work—with a supportive lens is what breaks down communication barriers and fosters individual differences into more productive relationships. This workshop uses the concept of generational differences as a lens to broaden our view on what makes us different and develop new mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets necessary to be effective advocates in an effort to cultivate healthy and inclusive workplace dynamics for all. Participants will explore their personal communication styles and the impact it has on others along with how bias and making age-based assumptions can diminish both respect and trust in the workplace.


We will explore and address:

The many dimensions of diversity and our own identity

Inclusive behaviors that enable allyship

What it looks like to be an ally and how to actively advocate for and support others at work

Encouraging personal growth in others by helping them embrace change and become an ally themselves to advance the business

Establishing successful means for avoiding common stigmas and handling miscommunications

How to avoid falling prey to stereotypes in regard to general views on group differences vs unique individual characteristics

Reassessing what workplace leaders believe the generational gap is (from iGen to Millennials to Boomers)


Participants will develop personal strategies for enhancing workplace inclusion and creating a workplace culture of acceptance, understanding, and forgiveness to allow each individual to bring their unique self to work for innovation that drives organizational effectiveness and results.

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