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Sustainable organizational change is an art, not a science. Today’s leaders need to be able to artfully inspire their people, and motivate them to change, by meeting them where they are – with a fully realized, articulate vision for the future and concrete action steps to get there. Leaders must be thoughtful and intentional in their change initiatives. Only when they are equipped with the vision, the tools, the training, and the empathy can they capture hearts and minds for good.

What You'll Learn

  • Understand change and the impacts it can have on leaders and their teams
  • Recognize individual leadership strengths and challenges when it comes to leading through change
  • Begin using practical and effective change tools to become a better change leader

Course Assets

This workshop provides participants with a self-assessment, a series of tools for leading effectively in various real-world change scenarios, and a personal action plan—as well as opportunities to receive peer coaching and network across organizations and industries. Topics to be covered in-depth: 

  • Impact of change on business, organizations, teams and leaders
  • Critical role of a change leader
  • Typical responses to change and how to handle them as a leader
  • Approach to identifying where people are in the change journey and coaching them for success
  • Strategies and tactics for inspiring team engagement and commitment during times of change
  • Real-world scenario planning and exercises to practice communicating change, engaging stakeholders and remaining fresh, and being an inspiring and agile change leader


"Christine did a great job and was very well-versed in the subject matter."

– Spring 2017 participant

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