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Conflict in the workplace is inevitable. Learning and applying key problem-solving skills can help you make conflict more manageable for everyone.

In this course, you'll learn techniques, tools, processes, and skills for facilitating conflict using a collaborative problem-solving approach for resolving one-on-one conflicts. Topics and tools focus on problem solving, listening and messaging skills, conflict styles, neutral issue statements, de-escalating emotions, developing options, and facilitating and gaining commitment.

It is recommended to take CO251 Effective Employee Relations before taking this workshop.

Key Course Takeaways

  • Understand and apply methods and tools for problem solving and resolving one-on-one conflicts
  • Focus on listening to gain clarity, navigate conflict styles, identify issues, develop options, gain commitment, and follow through
  • Learn how to identify skills capacity and develop employee problem-solving conflict skills
  • Apply new skills and participate in networking through virtual breakout rooms

Who Should Enroll

  • Entry-level to senior HR professionals
  • Global HR managers
  • Employee relations managers
  • Generalists seeking to move into a specialized role
  • EEO, compliance and security professionals conducting internal employee-related investigations

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