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The Gig Economy Data Hub is a collaborative project between the Aspen Institute's Future of Work Initiative and Cornell University's ILR School that aims to provide accessible, comprehensive information for anyone interested in better understanding the scope and nature of independent and gig work today.

Every day there’s a new story about the rise of on-demand platforms, freelancers, precarious workers, and the “gig economy.” But what do these terms really mean? How is work actually changing? Many data sources suggest the nature of work is indeed changing, with workers increasingly engaging in short-term and project-based work outside of, or in addition to, full-time, long-term employer-employee relationships. Workers in these alternative arrangements face unique challenges. They experience high levels of income volatility and have less access to work-related benefits. But different sources – including those from government, academia, and the private sector – ask different questions and apply different definitions of independent work. These discrepancies make it difficult to understand trends and identify solutions to the challenges presented by independent work.

The Data Hub brings together different data sets – government, private and academic – to identify overlaps, explain discrepancies, and highlight opportunities for further research, making it a valuable online resource for policymakers, journalists, researchers, students, and members of the public alike.

Gig Economy Data Hub