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Labor Dynamics Institute

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Our mission is to create and make accessible novel data on the dynamics of the labor markets, we work with research networks and statistical agencies, developing appropriate statistics to inform policy makers, researchers, and simply people seeking knowledge. We emphasize and meet the requirements of stakeholders: users as well as providers, balancing the utility of the data with the confidentiality of the people and businesses whose activities the data describe.

Latest News

FILLED - LDI Replication project hiring Undergraduate Researchers for Summer

We are looking for up to 10 students to work on the LDI-based AEA Data Editor team as undergraduate research interns.
Labor Dynamics Institute

IDEA Webinar on "Handbook on Using Administrative Data" Continues

Book Cover: Handbook on Using Administrative Data for Research and Evidence-based Policy

Upcoming presentations on Privacy Day co-organized by LDI Director Lars Vilhuber

A Padlock in a Circle

LDI Executive Director Interviewed in webinar "Demystifying Replication Requirements and Processes"

Lars Vilhuber

LDI Executive Director contributes to HDSR special issue on Replicability in Science

Book Cover: The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, Medicine Consensus Study Report: Reproducibility and Replicability in Science

LDI Affiliate Erica Groshen with co-authors releases working paper on jobs, wages and skills

LDI Affiliate Erica Groshen with co-authors releases working paper on the jobs, wages and skills of workers who have a high school diploma but not a four-year college degree

photo of Erica Groshen

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