Summary List of Currently Funded Projects

The LDI hosts a number of projects that further its goals. For most projects, a more detailed description is available by selecting the Project Name. Students and researchers interested in collaborating with LDI researchers on these or other projects should contact

# Project Name Lead PI Other PI Hosting Institute Grant Agency Identifier
4 Synthetic Data User Testing and Dissemination Lars Vilhuber John M. Abowd ILR SES-1042181
7 LEHD John M. Abowd Lars Vilhuber ILR Census Bureau
9 National Quarterly Workforce Indicators (QWI) Lars Vilhuber John M. Abowd ILR Partial support from Census Bureau, NSF-SES-0820349, NSF-SES-0922005, with support from the Edmund Ezra Day chair at the Department of Economics, Cornell University.
10 Integration of Federal workers into the LEHD Infrastructure Lars Vilhuber John M. Abowd ILR Census Bureau
11 Research on the Longitudinal Business Database John M. Abowd Lars Vilhuber ILR Census Bureau
12 Networks Ian Schmutte John M. Abowd UGA none
19 The Economics of Socially-Efficient Privacy and Confidentiality Management for Statistical Agencies John M. Abowd Ian Schmutte (UGA), Lars Vilhuber ILR  
22 Replication Lab Lars Vilhuber   ILR  
23 AEA Data Editor Support Lars Vilhuber      
24 metajelo - metadata package for journals to support external linked objects Lars Vilhuber   ILR Sloan Foundation and AEA

Completed Projects ยป