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ILR WIDE is creating a community where academic research on inclusion and diversity can be applied to the way we're teaching here at Cornell, and to the wider world through organizational partnerships. 

We are driven by a sense of urgency and responsibility to prepare the next generation of leaders to collaborate productively and confidently across difference, translate cutting-edge scholarly research into practical solutions, and challenge organizations to engineer more inclusive workplace cultures.


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Directed by Dr. Lisa Nishii, one of the nation’s foremost scholars on organizational inclusion, ILR WIDE will...

  • Enable scholars to translate their research into practical solutions with measurable outcomes
  • Cultivate leaders by identifying the training needed to envision, create, and sustain more inclusive organizations
  • Incubate innovations in pedagogy that can be adapted for application in organizations
  • Challenge organizations to have new conversations about inclusion and apply rigorous assessment methodologies to better understand what works and what doesn’t


ILR WIDE has been made possible by a generous donation from Tim '82 and Robin Wentworth.


    ILR WIDE is charged with conducting cutting-edge research and establishing partnerships with leading organizations to help promote the mission of workplace inclusion and develop approaches that foster a culture of inclusive leadership through diversity education. ILR WIDE's research and corporate outreach will be led by a core group of faculty fellows, drawn from ILR's experts on diversity and inclusion.

    ILR WIDE Research Grants
    To encourage DEI research with direct implications for organizations and workplaces, ILR WIDE will provide limited funding for research projects. Information on ILR WIDE grant applications is located here.

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    Meet our Faculty Fellows



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    ILR WIDE Undergraduate Student Fellowship Program

    In Fall 2022, we will select a cohort of students from a competitive pool of juniors and seniors, who have taken Cornell’s intergroup dialogue course (EDUC/ILRID 2610), to participate in a semester-long, internship-based learning opportunity in workplace diversity and inclusion.

    In Spring 2023, student fellows would complete an ILR credit internship. Academic requirements of the credit internship would be fulfilled through ILR WIDE. Student fellows would take an additional online course on workplace inclusion during their internship semester.

    Please click here for more details on the program.

    Students interested in this program should contact Dr. Stephen Kim (

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    DEI: Dialogue for Change (eCornell Certificate Program)

    A collaboration among ILR WIDE, the Intergroup Dialogue Project, and eCornell, this certificate program equips executives and organizational leaders to:

    • expand their understandings of workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion
    • dialogue meaningfully with others across difference
    • practice skills for strategic institutional change

    More information can be found here.

    Intergroup Dialogue Project

    ILR WIDE has been designed to collaborate closely with Cornell’s Intergroup Dialogue Project (IDP). IDP uses experiential learning practices amongst Cornell students to foster deeper empathy and understanding across difference. Together, ILR WIDE and IDP will design and test innovative teaching methods that elevate understanding on complex, social issues and transfer these methods to organizational settings. This will transform Cornell’s increasingly diverse campus into a laboratory for organizational inclusion.

    Undergraduate students interested in ILR WIDE's student opportunities should consider enrolling in IDP's main course, EDUC/ILRID 2610 Intergroup Dialogue. This course is a pre-requisite for ILR WIDE's student fellowship program.


    • Director, ILR WIDE
    • Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
    • Professor, Human Resource Studies

    • Associate Director of Research and Corporate Outreach, ILR WIDE
    • Associate Professor, Human Resource Studies

    • Assistant Director of Programs and Pedagogical Innovation, ILR WIDE
    • Curriculum Specialist & Lecturer, Intergroup Dialogue Project


    For more information, please contact: