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This fellowship is a partnership between the ILR Credit Internship Program and ILR WIDE. Each semester, we will select a cohort of students from a competitive pool of juniors and seniors, who have taken Cornell’s intergroup dialogue course (EDUC/ILRID 2610), to participate in a semester-long, internship-based learning opportunity on workplace diversity and inclusion.

Through their involvement in this program, student fellows will learn how a workplace setting can impact their understanding of dialogue and DEI. As ILR WIDE Student Fellows complete their credit internship, they will be supported by ILR WIDE Faculty & Staff as well as each other.

All the logistics of applying for and selecting internships opportunities would be handled through the ILR Credit Internship Program.

Students will complete the academic requirements of their credit internship through ILR WIDE. Student fellows will also take an additional online course on workplace inclusion during their internship semester. This additional course will allow student fellows to meet as a cohort and leverage the co-learning that can happen among student fellows who are interning across varied internship placements.

Academic Requirements

Student fellows will be advised by the Assistant Director of ILR WIDE in their credit internship coursework (listed below) and serve as the faculty supervisor of the credit internship.

  • ILR 4970 Field Research (4 credits; Letter Grades)
  • ILR 4980 Internship (8 credits; S/U Grades)

In their internship semester, student fellows will take an additional course on workplace inclusion. The course will be offered online. Synchronous course meetings will occur once a week in the evening so as not to interfere with internship responsibilities.

  • ILRID 3610 Workplace Inclusion: Theory & Practice (3 credits; Letter Grades; online)

Student fellows earn a total of 15 credits in their internship semester.


To be eligible for the ILR WIDE Student Fellowship Program, students must...

  • qualify for an ILR Credit Internship
  • have taken EDUC/ILRID 2610 Intergroup Dialogue by their internship semester

Application Process

As part of the the ILR Credit Internship Application Process, students who are eligible to be ILR WIDE Student Fellows will be invited to meet with ILR WIDE's Assistant Director.

All students who meet the eligibility requirements for Fall 2023 will be contacted soon by ILR WIDE. If you believe you are eligible but have not been contacted or want to learn more, please email Dr. Stephen Kim (

Funding Opportunities

ILR WIDE has limited funding available for student fellows who may need additional funds to travel to their internship site and/or to support themselves during their credit internships. Please inquire with Dr. Stephen Kim ( to explore options.