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To qualify for participation in the internship program ILR juniors and seniors must have:

  • maintained good academic standing
  • demonstrated appropriate preparation for the type of internship opportunity being sought
  • arranged for an appropriate ILR faculty member to approve and supervise the academic component of the internship
  • obtained approval of the proposed internship from the program director and the Academic Standards Committee, if necessary
  • participated in an orientation session prior to becoming an intern and agreed in writing to fulfill the conditions of the particular internship assignment

Grade-Point Average and Course Requirements

Generally, you must maintain a cumulative grade-point average above 2.7 to gain approval to participate in the program. In addition, we usually require that eligible students have no more than two ILR required courses left to complete prior to undertaking an internship. We also expect that you will have taken advanced elective courses in the subject areas relevant to proposed internships or will present other evidence of work experience qualifying you for the particular types of assignments sought.

Application and Approval

You must apply and be approved for participation in the program before a specific internship assignment has been arranged. This sometimes presents difficulties if the faculty advisor you have previously chosen lacks interest and/or expertise in the area of the final internship assignment. However, you are welcome to change faculty supervisors to better reflect your final choice of internships.