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An Educational Experience, Not Just A Job

Since academic credit is granted for the successful completion of the internship, sponsoring organizations must agree to make the internship an educational experience and not just a job. Simply stated, this means that you will be asked to complete assignments which, while they may draw upon past education and experience, take you into new areas, providing opportunities for testing and growth under the guidance of an experienced professional. The assignment must involve appropriate professional responsibility in an area of ILR-related activity.

Where Descriptions Are Available

Potential sponsors are asked to develop a description of the proposed internship assignment which must be approved by the managing director  before an intern can be placed with the organization. Descriptions of approved internship opportunities currently available to ILR students are accessible in the internship office, 119 or 124 Ives Hall.

Monetary Stipends

Many internships offer a monetary stipend. Because you are compensated in the form of academic credit, and because the internship program is an educational rather than an employment program, the School does not require that sponsors offer a stipend. Therefore, a stipend should be regarded as a bonus, and should not, in most cases, be the determining factor in your decision to pursue a specific opportunity.

Internships Initiated By Students

The managing director also seeks out additional internship opportunities each semester to accommodate special interests that students may have. It is also possible for students to take the initiative in identifying an appropriate opportunity, although all sponsors and assignments must be approved by the managing director. Students choosing to follow this route should seek guidance from the managing director at an early stage in the procedure.