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Internship Period

The period of each internship spans an academic semester (September-December and January-May).  You are expected to devote a minimum of 30 hours per week for a period of 14 weeks to your internship assignments.  Most interns will work the standard hours for their organization.  The exact dates for beginning and ending the internship, as well as the specific work schedule, are to be agreed upon by the intern and the sponsoring organization.

Summer Assignments

No provision can be made for granting academic credit for summer assignments. However, organizations sometimes choose to combine the semester internship with summer employment to take advantage of the intern's enhanced knowledge and experienced or to permit longer-term assignments.

Conduct Expected of Interns

You are expected to report to work punctually and to put in the full number of hours agreed upon each working day. You will be assessed on the "professionalism" of your conduct and are expected at all times to meet the standards of the sponsoring organization. The evaluation of your performance by the sponsoring organization will significantly influence grading of the 8 credits awarded for the work component of the internship.