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The following list of courses will fulfill the ILR Writing Intensive Elective Requirement. The requirement must be fulfilled with one of the following courses (1-4 credits). This requirement must be taken for a letter grade.

Classes below with an ILR prefix will double-dip and count for ILR elective credit. However, these classes CANNOT double-dip with upper-level ILR elective requirements, even if the course is on an approved list for Economic/Quantitative Policy, International & Comparative Labor or Labor History.

* Indicates that the class is being offered in Fall 2024


ILRHR 3620, Career Development: Theory and Practice

* ILRHR 4410, Disability Considerations in HR Policy/Practice

ILRHR 4607, Executive Compensation & Corporate Governance

* ILRHR 4657, Workplace Disability Inclusion

* ILRIC 4340, Exercising Global Leadership for the Social Sector 

* ILRIC 4340, An Alternate Approach to Sustainable Development 

ILRIC 4337, Labor and Employment in the Middle East and North Africa

ILRIC 4344, International Labor Law

ILRIC 4352, From Social Goods to Private Gain: Healthcare in the Age of Financialization

* ILRIC 4360, Global Comparative Disability Policy 

* ILRIC 4377, Issues in South Asian Studies 

* ILRID 3610, Workplace Inclusion: Theory and Practice

ILRLR 2810, Migration: Histories, Controversies, and Perspectives 

* ILRLR 3035, Special Topics in Labor Relations (Professor Wolf's section)

ILRLR 3045, Special Topics in Labor Law (Professor LeClercq's section)

ILRLR 3885, Race and War

ILRLR 4000, Union Organizing

ILRLR 4023, Disability, Employment, and Workforce Development Policy

ILRLR 4028, Mediating Organizational Conflicts

ILRLR 4033, Disability Law 

* ILRLR 4027, Campus Mediation Practicum 

* ILRLR 4029, Campus Mediation Practicum II 

ILRLR 4035, Intersectional Disability Studies

ILRLR 4060, Labor Relations in the Hospitality Industry 

ILRLR 4070, Contemporary Labor Issues 

* ILRLR 4820, Ethics at Work 

ILRLR 4842, Fighting Discrimination in the Workplace 

* ILRLR 4870, Intro to Labor Research

ILRLR 4880, The Mind of the Founders

* ILROB 3240, Understanding and Improving Decision Making

* ILROB 3270, Social Capital & Organizations 

ILROB 4260, Managing for Creativity