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Credit Hour Requirements

Candidates for the Bachelor of Science degree in ILR must complete a minimum of 120 credit hours, with a minimum of 105 credits taken for a letter grade.


    Cornell Requirements

    Cornell University requires that undergraduates register for and complete two courses in physical education, one in each semester of the first year, unless illness or injury warrants postponement. Physical Education credit does not count toward the 120 credits required for graduation.

    Core Requirements

    The following introductory courses are taken during the first four semesters of enrollment in the ILR school. Although students (especially transfer students) are not necessarily required to take these courses in the order shown here, it is strongly recommended. With the exception of Colloquium, students are required to fulfill the following core requirements for a letter grade:

    First Year

    • Colloquium (ILRID 1500 for first-years or ILRID 2500 for transfers)
      • All new students will be enrolled in either ILRID 1500 or ILRID 2500 during their first semester in ILR.
      • ILRID 1500 is required for all students who enter ILR as freshmen. ILRID 2500 is not required for transfer students, but strongly encouraged in order for students to make the best transition possible to the ILR School.
    • Introduction to Organizational Behavior (ILROB 1220)
    • Introduction to U.S. Labor History (ILRLR 1100)
    • Introductory Microeconomics (ECON 1110)
    • Introductory Macroeconomics (ECON 1120)

    Second Year

    • Introductory Statistics (ILRST 2100)
    • Labor and Employment Law (ILRLR 2010)
    • Human Resource Management (ILRHR 2600)
    • Labor Relations (ILRLR 2050)
    • Economics of Wages and Employment (ILRLE 2400)


    Writing Requirements

    Students are required to fulfill the following writing requirements for a letter grade:


    Distribution Requirements

    Students are required to complete one course from each of the following lists to fulfill the distribution requirements. All courses must be taken for a letter grade.


    Elective Requirements

    Students are required to take 40 ILR elective credits for graduation. Within these 40 ILR elective credits, students must take:

    Special Study Options to fulfill ILR Elective Credits

    Part of the 40-hour ILR elective requirement may be fulfilled with internshipsstudent research, and approved study abroad work.

    Approved study abroad work may be used to fulfill:

    • Up to 9 credits for a single semester
    • Up to 15 credits for a full year

    ILR approved internships and student research may also be used to satisfy elective requirements:

    • Maximum of 16 credits for a semester internship
    • Maximum of 8 credits independent or directed study (research)
    • Student research in the form of independent or directed study (ILR 499) may be used to fulfill up to 8 credits

    Note: Students are not required to take any out-of-college ILR advanced electives; ILR elective requirements may be completed with ILR courses only, if desired.

    General Electives

    Any course at Cornell can be used to fulfill general elective requirements for graduation.