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Out of College Advanced Electives

ILR students will need a total of 40 ILR elective credits. You are required to take a minimum of 24 credits in ILR courses. ILR electives from the approved out-of-college courses can be used toward the remaining 16 credits of ILR electives.

You can only get credit for one of the following for Financial Accounting: AEM 2210, HADM 1210, NCC 5500, ORIE 3150 (No double dipping)

* Indicates that the class is being offered in Fall 2022


* AEM 2010/ 2011 Spreadsheet Modeling for Management and Economics

* AEM 2210 Financial Accounting

*AEM 2220 Foundational Perspectives and Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship

* AEM 2241 Finance

AEM 2300/ ECON 2300 International Trade and Finance (ECON 2300)

*AEM 2500 Environmental and Resource Economics

AEM 3230 Managerial Accounting

*AEM 3249 Entrepreneurial Marketing and Strategy

AEM 3250 Business Planning Process for New Ventures

*AEM 3320 Leadership and Management in Sports

*AEM 3547 WIM: America, Business and International Political Economy

AEM 4060 Risk Simulation

AEM 4200 Dilemmas in Founding New Ventures

AEM 4300 International Trade Policy

AEM 4380 Entrepreneurial Strategy for Technology Ventures

AEM 4390 Technology Strategy

AEM 4415 Pre-Engagement with Social Enterprises in Emerging Markets

AEM 4500/ECON 4810 Resource Economics (ECON 4810)

AEM 4510 Environmental Economics (ECON 4820)

AEM 4940 Undergraduate Special Topics in Applied Economics and Management

* AEM 4970 Individual Study in AEM (approval depends on topic – Instructor Consent)

AMST 3230/ECON 3310 American Economic History I

*ANTH 2437/SHUM Economy, Power, and Inequality

ASRC 3652/ HIST3652 African Economic Development Histories

*COMM 2450/ INFO 2450 Communication and Technology

COMM 3189/ GOVT 3189 Taking America's Pulse: Creating and Conducting a National Opinion Poll

COMM 4200 Public Opinion and Social Processes

* CS 2800 Discrete Structures

DSOC 2050 International Development (SOC 2206)

DSOC 2090/ SOC 2208 Social Inequality

DSOC 2750 Immigration and a Changing America

DSOC 3010 Theories of Society and Development

DSOC 3547 WIM: America, Business and International Political Economy

DSOC 3700/ SOC 3710 Comparative Social Inequalities

*ECON 3030 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory

* ECON 3040 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory

ECON 3125 Statistics and Applied Econometrics

*ECON 3130 Statistics and Probability

ECON 3140 Econometrics

ECON 3320 American Economic History II

ECON 3350 History of Economic Analysis

ECON 3720/ PAM 4370 The Economics of Health Care Markets

ECON 3760/ PAM 3550 Economics of Education

ECON 3800 Economics and the Law

*ECON 3830/ PAM 3410 Economics of Consumer Protection and the Law

ECON 3840/ PAM 4460 Economics of Social Security

ECON 4220 Financial Economics

*ECON 4260 Public Finance: The Microeconomics of Government

*ECON 4290 Economic Analysis of Politics

ECON 4510 International Trade Theory and Policy

ECON 4560 Development Economics

ECON 4610 Industrial Organization I

ECON 4904 Public Finance: Resource Allocation and Fiscal Policy

FSAD 4440 Global Fashion Management

*GOVT 3547 WIM: America, Business and International Political Economy

* HADM 1740 Business Computing

* HADM 2210 Managerial Accounting

* HADM 2230 Financial Accounting Principles

* HADM 2250 Finance

HADM 2740 Business Computing

*HADM 3030 Club Management (2 credit)

*HADM 3040 Club Management (1 credit)

HADM 4115 Managing Professional Relationships

HADM 4125 Foundations of Social Entrepreneurship

* HADM 4130 Entrepreneurial Management

* HADM 4140 Innovation and Corporate Renewal

HADM 4145/6145 Business model Innovation and Design

HADM 4150 Practical Leadership: Foundations for a Career

HADM 4220 Taxation and Management Decisions

HADM 4395 Implementing Strategies for Tying Wellness Practices to Company Profit

* HADM 4770 Advanced Business Modeling

HADM 4818 Training and Development

HADM 4850 Employment Discrimination Law and Union-Management Relations

HADM 6030 Quality Systems & Processes

HADM 6090 Airline Service and Operations Management

HADM 6240 Analysis of Financial Statements

*HD 2650/ LAW 2650/ PSYCH2650 Psychology and Law

*HD 2820/ PSYCH 2820 Community Outreach

HIST 1955 No Gods, No Masters: Histories of Anarchism

HIST 2791 International Humanitarianism

*INFO 4240 Designing Technology for Social Impact

*INFO 4940 Special Topics in Information Science

ITAL 4710 Labor and the Arts

LAW 6652/ NCC5060 Managerial Finance

* MATH 1920 Multivariable Calculus for Engineers

* MATH 2210 Linear Algebra

* MATH 2940 Linear Algebra for Engineers

* NBA 3000 Designing New Ventures

NBA 4120 Equity Investment Research and Analysis

*NBA5111 Foundations of Financial Modeling

NBA 5360 Investment Banking Essentials

*NBA 5690 Management Consulting Essentials

NBA 5900 Leaders in Emerging Markets

NBA 6330 Actualizing Your Startup – Part II

* NCC 5500 Financial Accounting

*NCC 5540 Management and Leading in Organizations

* NCC 5560 Managerial Finance

NCC 5590 Business Strategy

*ORIE 3150 Financial and Managerial Accounting

PAM 2000 Intermediate Microeconomics

*PAM 2040 Economics of the Public Sector

PAM 3240 Risk Management and Policy

PAM 3340 Corporations, Shareholder and Policy

*PAM 3400 The Economics of Consumer Policy

*PSYCH 2800 Introduction to Social Psychology

PSYCH 3800 Social Cognition

SOC 2190 Introduction to Economic Sociology

SOC 2560 Sociology of Law

SOC 3120 Urban Sociology

SOC 3570 Schooling, Racial Inequality and Public Policy in America