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Out of College Advanced Electives

ILR students will need a total of 40 ILR elective credits. You are required to take a minimum of 24 credits in ILR courses. ILR electives from the approved out-of-college courses can be used toward the remaining 16 credits of ILR electives.

You can only get credit for one of the following for Financial Accounting: AEM 2210, HADM 1210, NCC 5500, ORIE 3150 (No double dipping)

* Indicates that the class is being offered in Spring 2022

* AEM 2010/ 2011 Spreadsheet Modeling for Management and Economics

* AEM 2210 Financial Accounting

*AEM 2220 Foundational Perspectives and Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship

* AEM 2241 Finance

*AEM 2300/ ECON 2300 International Trade and Finance (ECON 2300)

AEM 2500 Environmental and Resource Economics

*AEM 3230 Managerial Accounting

AEM 3249 Entrepreneurial Marketing and Strategy

AEM 3250 Business Planning Process for New Ventures

AEM 3320 Leadership and Management in Sports

AEM 3547 WIM: America, Business and International Political Economy

AEM 4300 International Trade Policy

AEM 4380 Entrepreneurial Strategy for Technology Ventures

AEM 4390 Technology Strategy

AEM 4415 Pre-Engagement with Social Enterprises in Emerging Markets

AEM 4500/ECON 4810 Resource Economics (ECON 4810)

*AEM 4510 Environmental Economics (ECON 4820)

*AEM 4940 Undergraduate Special Topics in Applied Economics and Management

* AEM 4970 Individual Study in AEM (approval depends on topic – Instructor Consent)

AMST 3230/ECON 3310 American Economic History I

*ASRC 3652/ HIST3652 African Economic Development Histories

*COMM 2450/ INFO 2450 Communication and Technology

COMM 3189/ GOVT 3189 Taking America's Pulse: Creating and Conducting a National Opinion Poll

COMM 4200 Public Opinion and Social Processes

* CS 2800 Discrete Structures

DSOC 2050 International Development (SOC 2206)

*DSOC 2090/ SOC 2208 Social Inequality

DSOC 2750 Immigration and a Changing America

DSOC 3010 Theories of Society and Development

DSOC 3547 WIM: America, Business and International Political Economy

* DSOC 3700/ SOC 3710 Comparative Social Inequalities

*ECON 3030 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory

* ECON 3040 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory

ECON 3125 Statistics and Applied Econometrics

ECON 3130 Statistics and Probability

*ECON 3140 Econometrics

ECON 3320 American Economic History II

ECON 3350 History of Economic Analysis

ECON 3720/ PAM 4370 The Economics of Health Care Markets

ECON 3760/ PAM 3550 Economics of Education

*ECON 3800 Economics and the Law

ECON 3830/ PAM 3410 Economics of Consumer Law and Protection

ECON 3840/ PAM 4460 Economics of Social Security

ECON 4220 Financial Economics

ECON 4260 Public Finance: The Microeconomics of Government

*ECON 4290 Economic Analysis of Politics

* ECON 4510 International Trade Theory and Policy

ECON 4560 Development Economics

ECON 4610 Industrial Organization I

ECON 4904 Public Finance: Resource Allocation and Fiscal Policy

* FSAD 4440 Global Fashion Management

GOVT 3547 WIM: America, Business and International Political Economy

* HADM 1740 Business Computing

* HADM 2210 Managerial Accounting

* HADM 2230 Financial Accounting Principles

* HADM 2250 Finance

*HADM 2740 Business Computing

HADM 3030 Club Management (2 credit)

HADM 3040 Club Management (1 credit)

HADM 3850 Business Law I (removed from approved list starting Fall2019)

HADM 3870 Business and Hospitality Law (removed from approved list starting Fall2019)

HADM 4115 Managing Professional Relationships

HADM 4125 Foundations of Social Entrepreneurship

* HADM 4130 Entrepreneurial Management

* HADM 4140 4140 Innovation and Corporate Renew

*HADM 4145/6145 Business model Innovation and Design

HADM 4150 Practical Leadership: Foundations for a Career

HADM 4220 Taxation and Management Decisions

HADM 4395 Implementing Strategies for Tying Wellness Practices to Company Profit

* HADM 4770 Advanced Business Modeling

HADM 4818 Training and Development

HADM 4850 Employment Discrimination Law and Union-Management Relations

HADM 6030 Quality Systems & Processes

HADM 6090 Airline Service and Operations Management

*HADM 6240 Analysis of Financial Statements

HD 2650/ LAW 2650/ PSYCH2650 Psychology and Law

HD 2820/ PSYCH 2820 Community Outreach

HIST 1955 No Gods, No Masters: Histories of Anarchism

INFO 4240 Designing Technology for Social Impact

*INFO 4940 Special Topics in Information Science

ITAL 4710 Labor and the Arts

LAW 6652/ NCC5060 Managerial Finance

* MATH 1920 Multivariable Calculus for Engineers

* MATH 2210 Linear Algebra

* MATH 2940 Linear Algebra for Engineers

* NBA 3000 Entrepreneur and Private Equity

NBA 4120 Equity Investment Research and Analysis

*NBA5111 Foundations of Financial Modeling

*NBA 5360 Investment Banking Essentials

* NBA 5690 Management Consulting Essentials

NBA 5900 Leaders in Emerging Markets

*NBA 6330 Actualizing Your Startup – Part II

* NCC 5500 Financial Accounting

NCC 5540 Management and Leading in Organizations

* NCC 5560 Managerial Finance

NCC 5590 Business Strategy

ORIE 3150 Financial and Managerial Accounting

*PAM 2000 Intermediate Microeconomics

PAM 2040 Economics of the Public Sector

PAM 3240 Risk Management and Policy

*PAM 3340 Corporations, Shareholder and Policy

PAM 3400 The Economics of Consumer Policy

*PSYCH 2800 Introduction to Social Psychology

PSYCH 3800 Social Cognition

* SOC 2190 Introduction to Economic Sociology

SOC 2560 Sociology of Law

SOC 3120 Urban Sociology

SOC 3570 Schooling, Racial Inequality and Public Policy in America