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The following list of courses will fulfill the Labor History (LH) Elective Requirement.  The requirement must be fulfilled with a 3-credit, 4-credit, or two 2-credit courses and must be taken for a letter grade.

* Indicates that the class is being offered in Fall 2021


AMST 3590/ASCR 3590/ HIST 3590 The Black Radical Tradition in the U.S.

AMST 4533 The Lower East Side: Jews and the Immigrant City

ECON 3300/ILRLE 3440 Development of Economic Thought & Institutions

ECON 3330/ ILRLE 3040 Topics in Twentieth Century Economic History

ECON 3340/ILRLE 4440 The Evolution of Social Policy in Britain and America

FGSS 4360/ILRIC 4362/ ILRIC 6360/ FGSS 6360 Comparative History of Women and Work

HIST 4085/6085 ECONOMIC Globalization and Democratic Crisis, 1870- present

HIST 6065/STS 6061 Science, Technology and Capitalism

*ILRLE 3450/ ECON 3480 Race and the American Labor Market in Historical Perspective

ILRLR 1845 /AMST 1540/HIST 1540/ American Capitalism

ILRLR 2070 Writing Seminar in History

ILRLR 3020 Strangers and Citizens: Immigration and Labor in U.S. History

*ILRLR 3040 Special Topics in Labor History

ILRLR 3062/HIST 2062/ LATA 2062/ LSP 2062 Migrant Workers in the Americas ,

ILRLR 3065/AMST 3065/ LATA 3065/ LSP 3065 Immigrant America: Race and Citizenship in Modern Working-Class History

ILRLR 3070 The Changing American Corporation

*ILRLR 3071 Governing Economic Development: The US Experience

ILRLR 3870/ AMST 3870/HIST 3870/ The History of Consumption: From Wedgwood to Wal-Mart

ILRLR 3880 Unfree Labor: Servants, Slaves, and Wives

*ILRLR3885 Race and War in History: Workers, Soldiers, Prisoners, Activists