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Courses must be taken for a letter grade in order to count towards the ILR Distribution Requirement. Courses in the biological or physical sciences or sciences and technology offered at Cornell will satisfy this requirement. The intent of the requirement is to enable ILR undergraduates to understand and appreciate the perspectives, models, values, and issues associated with science and technology. 

* Indicates that the class is being offered in Fall 2024 


AMST 2980/ENGRG 2980/HIST 2920/INFO 2921/STS 2921 Inventing an Information Society

AMST 3911/GOVT 3091/STS 3911 Science in the American Polity, 1960-Present

* ANTHR 1200/ARKEO 1200 Ancient Peoples & Places

ANTHR 1300 Human Evolution: Genes, Behavior, and the Fossil Record

ANTHR 2200/ARKEO 2200 Early People: The Archaeological & Fossil Record

ANTHR 2750/NS 2750 Human Biology and Evolution

ANTHR 3390 Primate Behavior and Ecology

* AEP 1100/ENGRI 1100 Laser and Photonics

* ASTRO 1101 From New Worlds to Black Holes

ASTRO 1102 Our Solar System

ASTRO 1103 Nature of the Universe

ASTRO 1104 Our Solar System

ASTRO 1105 The Universe

ASTRO 1106 Relativity, Cosmology, and Black Holes

ASTRO 1107 The Universe

* ASTRO 1195 Observational Astronomy

ASTRO 2201 The History of the Universe

* ASTRO 2202 A Spacecraft Tour of the Solar System

* ASTRO 2211 Astronomy: Stars, Galaxies, and Cosmology

BIOG 1101/1102 Biological Sciences Lectures (2 credits)

BIOG 1103/1104 Biological Sciences, Laboratory (2 credits)

BIOG 1105/1106 Introductory Biology, Individual Instruction

BIOG 1107 Intro to Biology I from Atom to Cell

BIOG 1108 Intro to Biology II from Cell to Biosphere

* BIOG 1140 Foundations of Biology

* BIOEE 1540/EAS 1540 Introductory Oceanography

* BIOEE 1560/EAS 1560 Introductory Oceanography with Lab

* BIOEE 1610 Introductory Biology: Ecology and the Environment

BIOEE 2070/STS 2871 Evolution

BIOEE 2670/NTRES 2670 Introduction to Conservation Biology

BIOMG 1150 Human Genetics and Society

BIOMG 1290 Personal Genomics and Medicine: Why Should You Care About What’s In Your Genes

BIOMG 2820 Human Genetics

BEE 3299 Sustainable Development

BSOC 2101/ENTOM 2100 Plagues and People (3 credit version only)

BSOC 2821/HIST 2820/STS 2821 Science in Western Civilization: Newton to Darwin, Darwin to Einstein

BSOC 3011/STS 3011 Life Sciences and Society

BSOC 3111/DSOC 3111/SOC 3130/STS 3111 Sociology of Medicine

BSOC 4071/STS 4071 Law, Science, and Public Values

* CHEM 1150 The Language of Chemistry

* CHEM 1560 Introduction to General Chemistry

CHEM 1570 Introduction to Organic and Biological Chemistry

* CHEM 2070 General Chemistry I

* CHEM 2080 General Chemistry II

* CHEM 2090 General Chemistry I

* CHEM 2150 Honors General and Inorganic Chemistry

* COGST 1101/CS 1710/LING 1170/PHIL 1910/PSYCH 1102 Intro to Cognitive Science

* EAS 1101 Climate and Energy: a 21st Century Earth Science Perspective

* EAS 1220/ENGRI 1220 Earthquake!

* EAS 1310 Basic Principles of Meteorology

EAS 1700 Evolution of the Earth and Life

EAS 2680 Climate and Global Warming

EAS 3340 Microclimatology

ECE 2500/ENGRG 2500/HIST 2500/STS 2501 Technology in Society

FDSC 4800/IARD 4800/NTRES 4800 Global Seminar: Building Sustainable Environments and Secure Food Systems for a Modern World

HIST 2810/STS 2811 Science in Western Civilization: Medieval and Early Modern Europe up to Isaac Newton

HD 1150 Human Development: Infancy and Childhood

* HD 2200 The Human Brain and Mind: An Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience

HD 2610/PSYCH 2610 Development of Social Behavior

* INFO 1200/STS 1201 Information Ethics, Law, and Policy

* INFO 4240/STS 4240 Designing Technology for Social Impact

* ILRLR 4066/ILRLR 6066/AMST 4066/PADM 5411 Technological Change at Work

MUSIC 1466/PHYS 1204 Physics of Musical Sound

NTRES 2010 Environmental Conservation

* NS 1150 Nutrition, Health and Society

PHIL 2810/STS 2831 Introduction to the Philosophy of Science

PHIL 2860/STS 2861 Science and Human Nature

PHIL 3810/STS 3811 Philosophy of Science

* PHYS 1101 General Physics I

PHYS 1102 General Physics II

* PHYS 1112 Physics I: Mechanics & Heat

* PHYS 1201 Why the Sky is Blue: Aspects of the Physical World

PHYS 1203 Physics of the Heavens and the Earth

* PHYS 2207 Fundamentals of Physics I

PHYS 2208 Fundamentals of Physics II

* PLBIO 2400 Green World/Blue Planet

* PLBIO 2410 Introductory Plant Biodiversity and Evolution

PLSCI 2013 Mushrooms, Molds, and More

PSYCH 2050 Perception

PSYCH 2090 Developmental Psychology

* PSYCH 2230 Intro to Behavioral Neuroscience

STS 2011/SOC 2100 What is Science? An Introduction to the Social Studies of Science & Technology

STS 4040 Due Process Clinic

STS 4331 Global History of Science & Technology

* VIEN 2204/FDSC 2204/PLHRT 2204 Principles and Practices of Growing Grapes and Making Wines