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ILR sophomore writing classes are restricted to sophomores or others with permission who have not satisfied their ILR sophomore writing requirement. They are not open to first-year students. Students are only permitted to take one ILR Sophomore Writing class.

Classes below with an ILR prefix will double-dip and count for ILR elective credit. Sophomore writing classes can also double-dip with upper-level ILR elective requirements, if they are on an approved list for Economic/Quantitative Policy, International & Comparative Labor, and Labor History.

Courses must be taken for a letter grade in order to count toward the ILR Requirements.

* Indicates that the class is being offered in Fall 2024


ILRHR 2630 Human Resources: Current Issues and Trends

ILRHR 2640 Diversity and Inclusion

ILRHR 2650 Writing Seminar in Human Resources

ILRHR 2685 Building Better Jobs: Organizational Levers for Improving Job Quality

ILRIC 2310 Sociology of Work: Micro Meets Macro

ILRIC 2370 Employee Involvement and Workplace Democracy in the Global Economy

ILRIC 2385 Money, Work, and Power

ILRIC 2390 People Power: Resistance, Protest and Revolution

ILRIC 2650 Globalization and Financialization at Work

ILRID 2650 Inclusive Leadership

* ILRLE 2400 Economics of Wages and Employment (LEC 003)

* ILRLR 2050 Labor Relations (LEC 004)

ILRLR 2060 Writing Seminar in Law (all sections)

ILRLR 2070 Writing Seminar in History (all sections)

ILRLR 2080 Writing Seminar in Labor Relations (all sections)

* ILRLR 4820 Ethics at Work **(prior arrangements must be made with the professor to receive sophomore writing credit)**

ILRLR 4880 The Mind of the Founders **(prior arrangements must be made with the professor to receive sophomore writing credit)**

ILROB 2240 Writing Persuasively about the Science of Persuasion

ILROB 2230 Leadership in Organizations

ILROB 2255 The Ownership, Protection, and Theft of Ideas

* ENGL 2880 Expository Writing