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Courses must be taken for a letter grade in order to count toward the ILR Requirements. 

* Indicates that the class is being offered in Fall 2021


ILRHR 2630 Human Resources: Current Issues and Trends

ILRHR 2640 Diversity and Inclusion

*ILRIC 2650 Globalization and Financialization at Work

ILRIC 2310 Sociology of Work: Micro Meets Macro

ILRIC 2370 Employee Involvement and Workplace Democracy in the Global Economy 

*ILRIC 2385 Money, Work, and Power

*ILRIC 2390 People Power: Resistance, Protest and Revolution

*ILRLE 2400 Economics of Wages and Employment (Only LEC 001, 003 & 006)

* ILRLR 2060 Writing Seminar in Law

ILROB 2230 Leadership in Organizations

* ENGL 2880/2890 Expository Writing