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The following list of courses will fulfill the Economic Policy (EP) Elective Requirement. The requirement must be fulfilled with a 3-credit, 4-credit or two, 2-credit courses, and must be taken for a letter grade.

* Indicates that the class is being offered in Fall 2021


AEM 2300/ECON2300 International Trade and Finance  

*AEM 2350 Introduction To The Economics Of Development

AEM 4300 International Trade Policy

AEM4315/ECON3550  Economics of Developing Countries

AEM 4350 Political Economy of the WTO

AMST 3230/ ECON 3310 American Economic History I  

*CS 2850 / ECON 2040/ INFO 2040/SOC 2090 Networks                            

* ECON 3120 Applied Econometrics

ECON 3300 /ILRLE 3440 Development of Economic Thought and Institutions

ECON 3330/ ILRLE 4480 Topics in 20th Century Economic History

ECON 3340/ILRLE 4440 The Evolution of Social Policy in Britain and America

ECON 3410/ ILRLE 3480 Economic Analysis of the University

ECON 3420 /ILRLE 4410 Income Distribution

ECON 3430 /ILRLE4430 Compensation, Incentives, and Productivity

*ECON 3440/ FGSS 4460/ILRLE 4450 Women in the Economy

ECON 3450/ ILRLE 4426 Economic Analysis of the Welfare State  

*ECON 3460/ ILRLR 4030 The Economics of Collective Bargaining in Sports  

ECON 3670 /PAM3130 Behavioral Economics and Public Policy

* ECON 3480/ILRLE 3450/HIST 3480 Race and the American Labor Market in Historical Perspective

* ECON 3485/ILRLE 3460 New Technologies and the Labor Market

ECON 3770/ILRLE 3445 Inequality in U.S. Higher Education

ECON 3720/ PAM 4370 The Economics of Health Care Markets

*ECON 3801 Introduction to Game Theory and Strategic Thinking

ECON 3810 Decision Theory I

*ECON 3830 /PAM 3410 Economics of Consumer Law and Protection

ECON 3840 /PAM 460 Economics of Social Security  

ECON 3850 /PAM 3670/PAM 5970 Economics and Environmental Policy

*ECON 4260 Public Finance: The Microeconomics of Government

ECON 4290 Economic Analysis of Politics

* ECON 4510 International Trade Theory and Policy

ECON 4904 Public Finance: Resource Allocation and Fiscal Policy (was ECON 4270)

ILRHR 6601 Research on Education Reforms and Human Resource Policy

* ILRIC 6350 Labor Markets and Income Distribution in Developing Economies

ILRLE 4420 The Economics of Employee Benefits

ILRLE 4460 Economic History of British Labor

ILRLE 4470 /INFO 4470 Social and Economic Data

ILRLE 6420 Economic Analysis of the Welfare State 

ILRLE 6480 Economic Analysis of the University

*PAM 2040 Economics of the Public Sector

PAM 3240 Risk Management and Policy (was PAM 4230)

PAM 3340 Corporations, Shareholders, and Policy `

* PAM 3400 The Economics of Consumer Policy

*PAM 3600 Reducing Crime Through Public Policy

*PAM 5340 Regulation and Infrastructure Policy (PAM 4640)