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The following list of courses will fulfill the Economic Policy (EP) Elective Requirement. The requirement must be fulfilled with a 3-credit, 4-credit or two, 2-credit courses, and must be taken for a letter grade.

* Indicates that the class is being offered in Spring 2022



*AEM 2300/ECON2300 International Trade and Finance

AEM 2350 Introduction To The Economics Of Development

AEM 4300 International Trade Policy

*AEM4315/ECON3550 Economics of Developing Countries

*AEM 4350 Political Economy of the WTO

AMST 3230/ ECON 3310 American Economic History I

CS 2850 / ECON 2040/ INFO 2040/SOC 2090 Networks

* ECON 3120 Applied Econometrics

ECON3255/ PAM3600 Economics of Crime

*ECON 3300 /ILRLE 3440 Development of Economic Thought and Institutions

ECON 3330/ ILRLE 4480 Topics in 20th Century Economic History

ECON 3340/ILRLE 4440 The Evolution of Social Policy in Britain and America

ECON 3410/ ILRLE 3480 Economic Analysis of the University

ECON 3420 /ILRLE 4410 Income Distribution

*ECON 3430 /ILRLE4430 Compensation, Incentives, and Productivity

ECON 3440/ FGSS 4460/ILRLE 4450 Women in the Economy

ECON 3450/ ILRLE 4426 Economic Analysis of the Welfare State

ECON 3460/ ILRLR 4030 The Economics of Collective Bargaining in Sports

*ECON 3670 /PAM3130 Behavioral Economics and Public Policy

ECON 3480/ILRLE 3450/HIST 3480 Race and the American Labor Market in Historical Perspective

ECON 3485/ILRLE 3460 New Technologies and the Labor Market

ECON 3770/ILRLE 3445 Inequality in U.S. Higher Education

ECON 3720/ PAM 4370 The Economics of Health Care Markets

ECON 3801 Introduction to Game Theory and Strategic Thinking

ECON 3810 Decision Theory I

ECON 3830 /PAM 3410 Economics of Consumer Law and Protection

ECON 3840 /PAM 460 Economics of Social Security

ECON 3850 /PAM 3670/PAM 5970 Economics and Environmental Policy

ECON 4260 Public Finance: The Microeconomics of Government

*ECON 4290 Economic Analysis of Politics

* ECON 4510 International Trade Theory and Policy

ECON 4904 Public Finance: Resource Allocation and Fiscal Policy (was ECON 4270)

ILRHR 6601 Research on Education Reforms and Human Resource Policy

* ILRIC 6350 Labor Markets and Income Distribution in Developing Economies

ILRLE 4420 The Economics of Employee Benefits

ILRLE 4460 Economic History of British Labor

ILRLE 4470 /INFO 4470 Social and Economic Data

ILRLE 6420 Economic Analysis of the Welfare State

ILRLE 6480 Economic Analysis of the University

PAM 2040 Economics of the Public Sector

PAM 3240 Risk Management and Policy (was PAM 4230)

* PAM 3340 Corporations, Shareholders, and Policy `

PAM 3400 The Economics of Consumer Policy

PAM 3600 Reducing Crime Through Public Policy

PAM 5340 Regulation and Infrastructure Policy (PAM 4640)