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Cornell Requirements

Cornell University requires that undergraduates register for and complete two courses in physical education, one in each semester of the first year, unless illness or injury warrants postponement.

Physical Education credit does not count toward the 120 credits required for graduation.

ILR Regulations

ILR regulations on eligibility for good standing and Dean's List require that you complete the physical education courses for which you register.

Completion Reminder

If you do not complete physical education courses in the Fall and Spring Semesters of your Freshman year, you will be informed once (and only once) that the requirement must be completed or you will not graduate. From that point on, you will be expected to manage your time and your schedule to complete the requirement without reminder.

Swim Test

Cornell students are also required to complete a swim test before they can graduate.

Requirement Waivers

Those requirements can be waived only by action of a University Committee. Contact the staff in the Physical Education Department (607) 255-4286 to arrange for registration, postponements and waiver petitions.

Transfer Students

Transfer students who have completed at least two semesters in another University are considered to have completed the physical education and swimming requirement.

Failure to Complete Requirement

If you do not register for or complete Physical Education courses, you do not lose your academic standing (i.e. you are not on Warning or "probation"), but you could be prevented from graduating if you have not completed the requirement.