Global Labor Institute

The Cornell Global Labor Institute was established in 2005 to work with trade unions in the U.S. and internationally to help them and their civil society partners develop solutions to major social, economic and environmental challenges.

One of the main goals of the Institute is to help union officers, staff and activists gain a deeper understanding of the policies and institutions that shape today’s world, and assist in bringing unionists based in different countries into contact with each other for meaningful discussions on strategy and policy. The Institute also facilitates dialogue between unions and other civil society organizations and movements in order to build and strengthen lasting alliances around shared concerns.

The Institute also seeks to make a contribution to the development of policies and perspectives that can transcend the limitations imposed by national and cultural barriers. It aims to help forge international social solidarity based on workers’ rights, environmental protection, needs-based sustainable development, and the extension of economic democracy and popular participation in shaping communities and societies.

Climate Change
Sustainable Transportation
Climate Jobs
Economic Alternatives