The front desk of the ILR School's NYC offices
MPS Program in New York City

The Institute for Workplace Studies is home to the Master of Professional Studies (MPS) program, which offers professionals in the greater metropolitan area the opportunity to undertake an interdisciplinary course of study in industrial and labor relations, taught entirely by full-time Cornell faculty. A Saturday class schedule allows working adults to pursue their academic interests within the practical arena of the workplace and draw on their professional experience to develop new career goals.

The MPS program is designed for individuals who have gained work-based expertise, skills, and knowledge, but have not necessarily had the chance to analyze and reflect on their practical experiences in a classroom setting. MPS students come to the program from a variety of backgrounds, including law, health care administration, human resources, labor relations, the labor movement, and the social sciences. Many MPS students have previously earned advanced degrees in areas such as business administration, law, psychology, and education.

The success of the MPS program is in providing an environment where academically motivated professionals can engage in serious study of, and spirited discussions about, the complex and ever-changing world of work. Through the interdisciplinary curriculum and an individual research project, students gain a framework through which they can analyze their work environments, examine new concepts and ideas for pushing their colleagues and organizations to higher levels, discover new directions in which their careers can evolve, and take the opportunity to research and document their insights and learning.

If you know individuals who might benefit from this unique program, or if someone in your organization is in a position to disseminate information about educational opportunities in the New York City area, please encourage them to contact Sara Edwards, program director, at or 212-340-2808.

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