From the Director

Professor Louis Hyman
Welcome to the Institute for Workplace Studies.

The decision to establish the Institute for Workplace Studies (IWS) in New York City was made as part of a larger project to augment ILR’s academic presence in the metropolitan area and to forge new ways to bridge the gap between academics and the working world. I’m excited to be a part of these endeavors, and the success of what we’ve built continues to be gratifying.

The Institute works in two interconnected ways, bringing world-class research and education to New York City.

First, the Master’s of Professional Studies (MPS) program, IWS’s largest ongoing endeavor, which has continued to flourish since our inaugural class was admitted in 2000. Housed by the Institute, the part–time MPS program is a unique opportunity for working professionals to participate in an ILR master’s degree program.

If you are familiar with ILR, you recognize the highly motivated and passionate individuals who benefit from all ILR has to offer. Our students range in ages from 25 to 65 and bring to the ILR community an impressive breadth of knowledge and expertise. Furthermore, they share in the resolve to join ILR’s commitment to “advance the world of work.”

Second, the Institute will be supporting and publicizing faculty research on the "future of work" debates, especially the gig economy and digital labor. We will be hosting a Future of Work public lecture series on these issues, starting in the fall of 2016.

Our continued success depends on the involvement of ILR students, alumni, faculty, and friends, who bring not only their knowledge and experience, but also a curiosity and dedication to positively impacting the future of the workplace.

I look forward to your input and participation.

—Louis Hyman
Director, Institute for Workplace Studies