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Work and the Coronavirus

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Helping people understand how COVID-19 affects work and employment by sharing insights and help from ILR's workplace experts.

Work and Jobs

Video: Labor Market Analytics in the COVID-19 Era

Francine Blau and Erica Groshen discuss labor market changes.
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Beyond Resilience… How Collective Bargaining Creates Conditions For A Sustainable Positive Work Environment

Director of Healthcare and Partner Programs John August explores strategies that organizations can use to foster a positive work environment post pandemic.
Healthcare Worker

Burnout: How it Hurts, What Can Help

Associate Professor Vanessa Bohns describes worker burnout, what causes it, and how organizations and workers can mitigate stressors.
Exhausted female worker at home

Cannabis Careers for Justice-Involved

Timothy McNutt, Director of ILR's Criminal Justice and Employment Initiative, participated in the NYS AFL-CIO’s Union Strong Podcast about “Adult-Use Cannabis – Building a new industry from the ground up in a way that will raise revenue, create good union jobs, and address social, racial, and economic equity."

The Role of Union Leadership for Worker Acceptance of the COVID-19 Vaccine

John August, the Director of the Institute's healthcare programs discusses the importance of unions in the rollout of the Covid vaccine.
Distributing COVID-19 Vaccine

Understanding Resilience In The Epicenter Of The Pandemic

Director of Healthcare Programs John August showcases the workers at a NYC hospital in the center of the pandemic.
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Nursing Homes are Workplaces Too!

Institute Director of Healthcare Labor Relations John August discusses issues facing workers in nursing homes.
Nursing Home

COVID-19 Tracking Tool Offered to Public

Demographics, poverty rates and other variables within the boundaries of each NYS school district are offered alongside COVID-19 data.
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September 2020 Job Disruptions Update: Dimmer Prospects for a Speedy Rebound

In September, COVID-19 was still disrupting the jobs of over 12 million workers—about 7 percent of the pre-COVID-19 labor force. Prospects for a speedy recovery have dimmed as fewer jobless workers are on temporary layoff and more are permanently laid off and have left the workforce altogether.
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How Job Losses During the COVID-19 Recession Compare to Past Recessions

The onset of the COVID-19 Recession was deeper and more abrupt than any post-WWII recession. After four months of recovery, jobs are still down by almost eight percent since February and the pace is slowing.
COVID-19 Payroll Job Losses chart

July and August 2020 Job Disruptions Update: Improvement Slowing

In August, COVID-19 was still disrupting the jobs of over 18 million workers—about 11 percent of the pre-COVID-19 labor force.
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Organizing the Unorganized in the time of the Pandemic

Director, Healthcare Labor Relations, John August gives insights on what it's like for essential nurses in Pennslyvania to successfully organize in the midst of a global pandemic.

Reemployment Prospects Vary by Gender, Race and Hispanic Ethnicity

Most workers whose jobs have been disrupted maintain a tie to their employers.
Five people wearing masks stand in a line facing the camera.

Returning to Work and Unemployment Benefits

Madison Meltz discusses the relationships between the choice to return to work and unemployment benefits.
Two restaurant employees working in a kitchen

The Impact of Phase-4 Reopening in New York State on Workers

Hunter Moskowitz outlines some of the key aspects of New York State phase-four reopening as it impacts workers.
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How Did COVID-19’s Job Disruptions Vary by Gender, Race and Hispanic Ethnicity in May 2020?

White male workers fared better than female, African American, Asian and Hispanic workers according to national job numbers for May, says ILR economist Erica Groshen.
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Will the True Unemployment Rate Please Stand Up?

The numbers are solid, Erica Groshen says in response to speculation that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics might have manipulated data.
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Five Tips for Startups and Small Businesses Returning to Work

Nate Cook, Entrepreneur in Residence, Lecturer for the Cornell SC Johnson School offers 5 tips for small businesses returning to work.
cup with coffee being poured into it to illustrate the idea of getting back to work

Understanding The Increase in Domestic Violence During the Coronavirus Pandemic as a Union Issue

KC Wagner discusses Domestic violence as a growing concern for unions during the COVID-19 crisis.
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May 2020 Jobs Report Update on COVID-19’s Impact on Jobs

The Payroll Protection Program worked, but it's about to expire, so fiscal policy is crucial for an economic recovery.
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Five Tips for Leading Your Startup or Small Business Remotely Through COVID-19

As entrepreneur in residence at the Cornell's SC Johnson College of Business, Stephen Sauer shares tactics for small-business leaders to use through the pandemic.
a desk at home with to illustrate working from home

Adaptation for Graduates Seeking Jobs

ILR’s Office of Career Services director, Anu Lyons, discusses the strategy of adaptation for recent graduates looking for jobs.
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Healthcare Labor-Management Partnership in the time of Our Pandemic

The knowledge and experience of front-line employees is crucial to the process as businesses and communities plan for reopening after COVID.
Eight healthcare workers pose for a group portrait

Here’s Where to Get Help with Unemployment Benefits in New York State.

ILR's Ian Greer outlines places you can turn for help with unemployment benefits in New York State.
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COVID-19 Labor Market Impacts Discussed

ILR faculty members draw from their research to address workplace issues in a student-organized panel.
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New Employment Numbers: What They Mean for People with Disabilities

ILR's Hassan Enayati and Ellice Switzer explain the employment numbers released for April 2020, and their impact on people with disabilities.
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Resources for Graduates in the CARES Act

The Worker Institute's Hunter Moskowitz outlines some of the resources recent graduates should explore in the CARES Act.
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What the April 2020 Jobs Report says about COVID-19’s impact

ILR Senior Extension Associate Erica Groshen presents a roundup of the April 2020 jobs report numbers.
Pie chart illustrating the percentages of labor underutilization

COVID-19 Employment and Disability Resources

YTI's Susanne Bruyère outlines resources for people with disabilities through the EARN program.
logo of the EARN program at ILR's YTI

Stress, Depression, and Front-line Trauma: Some Tips for Coping

Job loss and greater work loads for those who still are employed coupled with social distancing and economic uncertainty are taking a heavy toll on mental health. Read in-depth advice on strategies to deal with the stress and depression and to stay healthy.
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